April 16, 2024
Marvel's Midnight Suns: The best heroes for your team

Marvel’s Midnight Suns: The best heroes for your team

In the Marvel’s Midnight Suns Heroes Guide you will learn:

  • Which heroes are particularly good
  • From when you unlock the heroes
  • What skills the heroes have

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a turn-based strategy game that puts you in control of a whole squad of heroes. Each hero has their own strengths and weaknesses. The right group constellation often determines victory and defeat.

Midnight Suns: The best attackers


  • Specialty: Life Steal, Bleeding, High Damage

The Daywalker can apply Bleeding to his opponents . If an opponent bleeds, they take damage at the end of each round. Bleeding can even be stacked for additional damage.

The ability to bleed enemies makes Blade the ultimate boss killer . You can slowly bleed out the boss while using your actions to kill minions and heal allies.

While Blade is assigned to the Attackers, he is also characterized by an exceptionally high level of endurance, which he gains from cards with the Lifesteal effect . If you attack an opponent with such a card, you will be healed for a certain percentage of the damage dealt.

Spider Man

  • Specialty : Ambient Attacks, Chain Attacks

Spider-Man becomes available to you as a permanent party member after defeating Venom. Spider-Man’s special ability allows him to use area attacks without consuming heroism. If you have Spider-Man on your team, you should use the battlefield to your advantage as often as possible.

With his heroic deed cards he can spin opponents. This is especially helpful with bosses, as it forces them to sit out a round. Spider-Man’s other cards focus on chaining attacks . This allows you to take out multiple enemies at once with one action.

Midnight Suns: Top Supporters


  • Specialty : all-rounder

Hunter is one of the strongest and most useful superheroes as he is incredibly flexible and excels in every role. Your personal superhero has unique game mechanics based on a karma system .

Depending on the decisions you make in the Priory and how you treat your fellow heroes, you collect dark or light karma. This changes your balance , which among other things determines which cards are available to you.

Dark cards are exceptionally strong, but in most cases they have negative effects. So you can fully heal another hero but have to discard a card or you sacrifice part of your life but boost your other cards.

Nico Minoru

  • Specialty : buffs, debuffs, high damage

Nico is a powerful magician who can use her cards to strengthen party members or make opponents more vulnerable. Many cards have the special rule “ roulette ”. If you activate such a card, it is determined at random which card effect is triggered.

Also in attack the magician should not be underestimated. Witchfire deals damage to a random enemy and jumps to the nearest enemy on KO. The Empower card lets you draw a Heroic Feat card and resets the cost of every other card.

Midnight Suns: The best defenders


  • Specialty : Block, Area damage

The Captain is unlocked after defeating Crossbones for the first time. Captain America excels at tremendous damage reduction as many cards fill up his block gauge. The block bar acts as a shield that must be emptied before the hero takes damage.

Captain America can also provoke enemies, drawing fire and protecting less resilient heroes. His first Feat card is “ Shield Tour ”. This causes enormous area damage and also hits invisible opponents such as snipers.


  • Specialty : Stun, Knockback

Hulk is the last hero you unlock in the game. You get it after defeating the Corrupted Hulk three times. Hulk excels at stunning enemy units. His heroic feat card can even stun multiple enemies in a straight line.

When Hulk is hit by enemy attacks, his anger builds. The more anger he has accumulated, the more dangerous he becomes. Pent-up anger can be spent to regenerate your life points or to perform particularly powerful attacks. Of course, like any defender, Hulk has the ability to provoke opponents.

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