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The Corps is the second boss of the Ruins of Darkest Dungeon , to be able to face him before we will have to have defeated the Porcine Boss . This is a very peculiar boss (all of them are like him) since he is a boss divided into 4 separate enemies but they are all considered as one entity that shares the same life.

Its name will change depending on the difficulty of the Dungeon:

  • Apprentice: Embryonic Body.
  • Veteran: Unstable Corps.
  • Champion: Shapeless Body.

It is a boss made up of four parts of a body (each part occupying a position) and each one of the parts has a different behavior, so part of the key in this battle will be knowing all its parts well and above all knowing how to take advantage of the fact that it is a boss made up of 4 enemies that share their health.


This time we will do the guide in a somewhat different way since I think that for this case it would be much better to break down each of these parts of the Body in detail to see how to act against them. After this we will see as always the recommended characters and the strategy to follow.


As we have already discussed, the boss will start with 4 random body parts out of 4 possible parts it can have. From time to time these parts will be swapped out for others, so at some point you might have duplicate parts. Let’s remember again that it “doesn’t matter” which part you hit because they all share the same health bar.

These are the 4 parts:

  • Heart : The part that we are interested in hitting since it has no resistance or Protection and we can cause a lot of damage to the boss. His ability allows him to heal a little to any of its parts, as life is shared, it doesn’t matter who throws the cure at him.
  • Head : It is the most dangerous part, it will attack one of the heroes of position 1 or 2 causing a lot of damage and also applying Bleeding. It has a lot of Protection, but little resistance to Infection.
  • Dorsal Spine : It is the part that has the greatest protection so you should forget about attacking him. His attack is quite dangerous as he will try to stun one of our characters. Mind you, he has little resistance to Infection again.
  • Rear : After the heart, it is the best we can attack because it has relatively little Protection. In addition, it will be dedicated to hitting positions 3 and 4, it will also apply Blight. It does less damage than the head, but it is also true that the characters in the back positions are usually less resistant. In this rent more the Hemorrhage than the Infection.

As you can see, the key is to attack the heart whenever possible.


Darkest Dungeon Plague Doctor

Regarding recommended characters, those characters that have very good damage have a high value, especially if they have the typical abilities that cause damage to more than one target (if we attack 2 enemies that do not have much Protection, it will be a damage tremendous). Infection is worth more than Bleeding and it’s also helpful to have characters that can remove these status ailments because the Corps itself applies it.

Recommended Characters for the Corps in Darkest Dungeon

This would be a highly recommended team to take down the Corps

  • Leper : One of the best candidates for position 1 since it has very high damage to both one target and two simultaneously, it can also self-heal and  buff . The bad thing is that if we don’t have a heart in one of the first 2 positions, he will lose a lot of damage; he’ll still hit pretty well, but it’s not the ideal situation. As long as you crit the Heart, you have half the battle done.
  • Diabla : An alternative to position 1 for its high damage and for being able to hit all positions (it is important to put the Iron Swan ability on it to be able to hit the fourth one); It has less damage than the leper, but with her, the position in which the heart is will not matter.
  • Bandolero : We can hit all positions very well and the damage of his counterattack will be a lot.
  • Bounty Hunter : It also has very good damage to all positions and can Stun any of the parties if things get complicated, it can also deal more damage to targeted or stunned enemies if you have the right ability.
  • Grave Raiders : He can damage all positions and apply Infection, he also has his Daggers Attack that does more damage to infected enemies, so together with a Plague Doctor (one of the most recommended characters for this boss) it is worth a lot. pain. He can also remove the Bleeding / Infection if necessary, but he will be able to do it very rarely.
  • Canine Master : His attack with which we hit the 4 enemy positions together with a slight Hemorrhage is very common in this battle.
  • Occultist / Vestal : You should always take a healer, in this case I would recommend the Occultist much more since the enemy is an Eldritch and therefore you will cause quite high damage. The healing of this character you already know is a bit of a Russian roulette, but it is worth it for the additional damage that our team will have; he crosses his fingers, mind you.
  • Arbalestera : Except for the case in which the heart is in first position, we can cause a very good damage to the heart, especially if we Point it out.
  • Jester : For its good buffs, although I wouldn’t recommend it as much in this case as in other bosses; This does not mean that it is not a viable option.
  • Plague Doctor : The character that I recommend the most for this battle since the attack that allows us to apply infection to the 2 rear positions will be tremendously effective since all the parts of the body share the same Life; it’s a lot of Infection app in one move. We can also cure the Infection/Hemorrhage of our companions and heal them a little if things get ugly.


The idea is to focus above all on hitting the Heart to cause maximum damage and of course if we can use skills that damage several enemies (and one of them is the Heart), then even better. For the rest it is to apply a lot of Infection (since all its parts except the Rear do not have good resistance to it), especially with the aforementioned attack of the Plague Doctor and to deal with the problems that arise.

It’s also a very good idea to target the heart, but I personally prefer a team based on Infection accompanied by a character that hits very hard in position 1 (Leper or Devil) and the Occultist to heal and deal a lot of damage since the boss is an Eldritch (the attack with which we hit the 2 rear positions is very effective if the Heart is in one of them, otherwise the singular attack with the dagger is better).

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