April 21, 2024


Sandy Cocoons are a character upgrade material in Genshin Impact , they can only be collected in the Hadramavet Desert which is located within the Sumeru region.

This specialty is somewhat small in size and can go unnoticed due to its small size and the rocky shape it has. We can find these chrysalis both in the open world and in caves, in the first case we will easily recognize the place where they are because there will be sand worms that will attack us continuously when we get close.

In the entire Hadramavet Desert we can collect a total of 74 units of Sandy Chrysalis , an average amount similar to the case of the Golden Beetle , the Fluorescent Mushroom or the Devil Scarab .

Although it may not seem like it at first glance, it is a fairly simple route in which we only need to unlock the Statue of the Seven of the Hadramavet Desert and a few strategic teleportation points, since all the specimens are very close to some point of these and there is no chrysalis that is especially hidden.


    Sandy Cocoons are used as Ascension Material for the following characters:

    • alhacen .

    At the moment they will only serve us as character ascension material, but perhaps in the future they will have some other use.


    The Sandy Chrysalides are always very close to a rocky mound or near the walls of the caves, they are small in size and are half buried in the ground, so we have to pay close attention when making the route so as not to miss any.


    Location of the Sandy Chrysalis in the Tanit Settlement

    The Settlement of the Tanit will be our first destination, we can go to this site from the Statue of the Seven in the Hadramavet Desert, which will be the first point we have available.

    It will be very easy to locate this material, since when we are close to it we will be able to observe how there is a sand worm that will attack us all the time while we are near this area (and thus close to all the chrysalis that are not inside a cave). .


    Sandy Chrysalis location in Al-Magog Gorge

    We will begin this section of the route at the teleportation point located to the left of the ruins of the Forsaken Temple, from here we will go up the path and take a small detour to the right to enter the gorge without having to climb and collect the first five chrysalis

    For the second part we will only have to transport ourselves to the teleportation point that is located in the gorge itself, since we will only need to go a little north to find up to eight units of Sandy Chrysalis scattered throughout the crags of Al-Magog Gorge .


    Sandy Chrysalis location in Al-Azif Sands
    1. First we will go to the teleport point at the top of the map and move to the left a bit, then glide down to find the first two chrysalis in this area and return to the teleport point.
    2. This time we’ll jump straight into the gap below the teleport point to enter Sutej’s Worm’s lair . On the sides of the road and around the worm battlefield we can collect up to 12 chrysalis, this being one of the best places to collect them.
    3. In the event that it is the first time that you visit this cave to face the Sutej Worm, you will find a Seelie that will guide you towards a corridor of the cave in which we will find many chrysalis, although this will deviate creating a hole in the floor, do not enter through this and continue until you come across a money stone.
    4. We will continue the path forward until we reach a money stone, as soon as we take this the floor will collapse and we will descend one more level into the cave. In this place we can find about ten more chrysalis and unlock the entrance to a Domain after solving the puzzle in the cave.
    5. On the map just below the Sutej Worm icon we have another teleportation point that also allows us to access his cave, if we follow this path we will find a few chrysalis (although not as many as in the previous points).
    6. Finally, we will use the teleportation point near the Al-Indija Palace and from there we will follow the path to enter the cave and collect the last units of Sandy Chrysalis that we can find in the Al-Azif Arenas.


    Location of the Sandy Chrysalis in the Land of Three Channels

    We simply go to the teleportation point of the Land of the Three Channels and when we descend we will find a total of five chrysalis; Unlike the previous area, the chrysalises in this area are outside a cave and therefore the sandworms will attack us again while we are collecting them.


    Location of the Sandy Chrysalis in Valle Canillaquebrada

    And finally we will find the last five Sandy Chrysalis right next to the Canillaquebrada Valley teleportation point ; As you can see, it is a very simple route to take once we unlock certain teleportation points in the Hadramavet Desert.

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