April 21, 2024


The Shimmering Chlorophyll is a 5-star sword that draws a lot of attention for the high amount of Critical Damage it provides, but unfortunately it’s a very restrictive weapon that doesn’t quite sit well with most swordsmen in Genshin Impact .

The reason why it is not so versatile is due to the fact that by having so much Critical Damage we have a fairly low Base Attack as a consequence, to which is added a passive from which many characters will not be able to benefit, since to do so we’ll need the character to be able to imbue their element, have most of their damage come from Normal Attacks, and also have a relatively high amount of Elemental Mastery in their build.

That’s why I recommend not rolling for it if you already have other five-star swords like the Reflection of Darkness , the Futsu Waving Moon, or the Primordial Jade Cutter . Since at the end of the day all these weapons have a greater versatility and you will be able to use them in various character options.


Let’s start with his stats:

  • Base Attack Level 1: 44.
  • Base Attack Level 90: 542.

The Base Attack of this sword is quite low because the vast majority of Sumeru’s weapons, such as the Path of the Huntress , the Dreams of a Thousand Nights or the Coronation Key, focus more on strengthening its secondary attribute, since Attack is not that relevant to potential users of this weapon.

Let’s continue with its secondary attribute, which is what makes this sword shine:

  • Critical Damage Level 1: 19.2%.
  • Critical Damage Level 90: 88.2%.

When we raise this sword to level 90, it will give us 88.2% Critical Damage , which will allow us to inflict a lot of damage every time we perform a critical hit with any of the abilities of the character to whom we equip this sword.

His Passive Skill confers the following effects:

  • Critical Chance is increased by 4% (8% on R5).
  • Dealing Elemental Damage by performing a Normal Attack will increase the damage of their Normal Attacks and Elemental Ability by an amount equal to 120% (240% on R5) of their Elemental Mastery.
  • This effect called «Leaf Slash» lasts for 28 hits or 12 seconds (whichever comes first) and can be activated once every 12 seconds.

Let’s imagine that the character to whom we are going to equip the Refulgent Chlorophyll has about 400 Elemental Mastery points, since the passive of this weapon would make each hit of the Normal Attacks or the Elemental Skill hit doing 480 extra points of base damage; This buff can be applied until 12 seconds or 28 hits have passed, so even though 480 may seem like little damage, it will end up being noticeable with the accumulation of hits (and that’s the base damage, without taking into account the damage increases later , the critic and so on).

And the other part of the passive just gives us 4% Critical Chance, which isn’t a big deal but it all adds up.


Due to its brutal amount of Critical Damage, it can be useful for practically any swordsman who deals high damage with their skills, but only those who have a high amount of Elemental Mastery in their build, can imbue themselves with their own element and whose damage comes mostly from his Normal Attacks will get the most out of it.

Warlord in Genshin Impact

Unsurprisingly, the Shimmering Chlorophyll is tailor-made for Alhacen . The damage of his Elemental and Ultimate not only depends solely on his Attack but also takes into account his Elemental Mastery, so we are not bothered by the low Base Attack of this sword as much.

Warlord can imbue Dendro very easily thanks to his Elemental Ability and a passive talent that allows him to imbue himself with just a Charged Attack, which will allow us to have the Shimmering Chlorophyll passive always active.

Alhacén’s combat style is based on Normal Attacks and on keeping the Light Screen of his Elemental Skill active, which he will hit every certain interval of time, which allows us to take advantage of the increased damage that the sword’s passive gives us to his Normal Attacks and Light Screen from Elemental Skill based on your Elemental Mastery.

In order to get a better performance out of this sword and further increase the passive bonus, we will need a character that increases Alhacén’s Elemental Mastery; In these cases, our best asset would be Nahida, but we can also rely on Sucarosa .

Other characters that take advantage of it:

  • Ayaka : To use it on her, we must have her in a Melted team instead of a Frozen one, which is her most optimal option. In this build you will need to roll Nahida or Sucrose to get a high amount of Elemental Mastery, the problem is that in this build Xiangling will trigger Elemental Reactions more times than Ayaka herself.
  • Ayato : It can work in Flowering or Vaporized teams; The good thing is that this character’s damage does come from his Normal Attacks, but we will need to roll a Sucrose or a Nahida to increase his Elemental Mastery. Although in Vaporized teams it will happen as with Ayaka in Meltdowns, many of the Elemental Reactions will be activated by another character.
  • Keching : To get the potential out of this sword she will need to go on a Boost team with Golden Dreams and a high amount of Elemental Mastery, but she needs her Elemental Ability to imbue for a short period of time and does more damage with her Charged Attacks than with the Normals.

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