April 15, 2024
God of War Ragnarök: Freya's Lost Peace - Quest Guide

God of War Ragnarök: Freya’s Lost Peace – Quest Guide

In this  God of War Ragnarök  Freya’s Lost Peace quest guide, you will learn:

  • How to start the Freya’s Missing Peace favor
  • Where to find Freya’s belongings
  • Like her a new sword and…
  • … received new armor for the companion

Freya’s lack of peace guides you through secret areas of the world of Vanaheim in God of War Ragnarok . You help your companion to find old belongings. We’ll guide you through the side quest and show you how to solve all the puzzles.

Freya’s missing peace – So you start the quest

You can accept the favor for Freya’s belongings at the end of the main quest in Vanaheim. Get in the boat and row west until you reach the river delta . Head southeast until you come under a broken bridge and mention Freya Astrid’s garden. If you dock here, you can do the “Garden for the Dead” favor. Otherwise, take the turnoff to the south.

Freya’s Missing Peace: Find First Belongings

Open the gate at the cliff ruins

Keep rowing until you reach Brok’s shop and the mystical gate. Moors opposite at the cliff ruins. Kill the revenant witch and the nightmare and talk to the spirit of Brunhild if you want to activate the little side quest “Awareness of the Dead”. To her right, a chain dangles from the rock face overgrown by undergrowth.

Climb onto the wall to the left of Brunhild by the torch and hop over the remains of the bridge. Fire a couple of Freya ‘s Sealing Arrows side by side into the cliff as shown in the screenshot below and ignite them with the Chaos Blades. The tendrils burn off and the chain comes loose. You can now climb up her.

You will reach a rune tablet where Freya can lower the large rock gate opposite. Row the boat into the narrows by the falls and you will reach the secret region “Goddess Fall” .

Vanen Shrine, Soul Eater and Freya’s Diadem

Get in there and rid the beach of the monsters. You can climb up the western rock face. At the top, Freya sees a rock face with roots between two waterfalls. She opens the magic gate and you enter a Wanen shrine.

Inside you will meet the mini-boss Soul Eater . When he spreads his arms, his abdomen opens and he fires a beam of energy at Kratos. At this moment, throw the Leviathan Ax into the opening. After a few hits, he’ll fall dazed and you can attack him. After three rounds you’ve killed him.

You lower the drawbridge to the west by shooting arrows into the anchors on the chains on the left and right. On the right side you have to burn off the tendrils with Freya’s sealing arrows and the chaos blades. After the Nightmares and Hyperions you will reach a gate that lifts Kratos up. Kill the revenants and get Freya’s diadem from the pedestal.

Freya’s Missing Peace: Find Second Belongings

Freya opens a gate behind which is a rune tablet. Interact with it and follow Freya back down to the lower level. Below the chain lies the treasure map “The Giant’s Toes”. You can find the corresponding treasure behind the mystical gate at Brok’s shop. After a brief confrontation, head west and look at the glowing yellow runes. Freya notices that a character is missing.

Go to the southeast gate and place sealing arrows between the torches . Light them with the Chaos Blades so both torches are lit and the gate will open. In the next section, a Reaver awaits you that you can’t kill because a cursed Nykr makes him invulnerable.

Run to the gate with the red tendrils, shoot a sealing arrow inside and light it with the Chaos Blades. Follow the path and first kill the cursed Nykr at the top . Then you can take care of the remaining minions. The second belonging, a chalice, sits on the pedestal under the north archway.

Freya’s Missing Peace: Find Third Belongings

Freya opens a gate again, leading to a rune tablet. This completes the rune sign on the lower level. Look at them and a bridge will appear leading to the opposite tower. Therein lies the third possession.

After the cutscene you will get the sword Mardöll . Freya can use it to deal Bifrost damage to opponents. In addition, Freya receives the armor “Royal Vanentracht”. On the way back, two Wulver attack. Once you’ve done them, follow Freya through the eastern gate. Exit the shrine and return to the boat. Before you can discard and complete the quest, two mini-bosses will attack you.

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