April 14, 2024
Sonic Frontiers: Sonic's Open World Adventure Tips & Tricks

Sonic Frontiers: Sonic’s Open World Adventure Tips & Tricks

In our tips guide to Sonic Frontiers you will learn:

  • What you can use the Cyberloop for
  • How to run faster without buying upgrades
  • Tricks to the fights
  • What the symbols on the map mean

Cyberloop tips in Sonic Frontiers

The first skill you learn in Sonic Frontiers is the Cyberloop, which allows you to create a trail of light on the ground. As soon as you draw a closed circle with the light trail on the ground, different things happen. The ability not only helps you explore the game world, but also in battles.

Among other things, you can use the Cyberloop to:

  • uncover mysteries
  • Solve question mark puzzles
  • Break through enemy cover and armor

You can also use the Cyberloop to spawn infinite rings to fill up your supply of rings. As soon as you create a circle with the Cyberloop anywhere, a few rings will appear that you can collect. If a boss fight is imminent and you are running out of rings, simply use the Cyberloop to replenish your supply of rings.

Gameplay Trick: Run faster without upgrades

Sonic is too slow for you? Then open the options and go to the “Game settings” tab. Scroll down to “Max Speed” . This slider is set to 0 by default.

You can drag the slider up to 100 to increase Sonic’s top speed . This is especially useful in the beginning if you don’t have speed upgrades yet.

Tips & Tricks for the fights in Sonic Frontiers

Combat in Sonic Frontiers is quite simple. Especially at the beginning you only have one button to attack. The more often you hit an opponent, the higher the combo meter increases .

If you have unlocked the second ability, Speed ​​Rush , your attacks are 1.2 times stronger when the combo meter is full. As soon as the combo meter drops to zero, the speed rush turns off again.

Always try to fill the combo meter in battles by attacking your opponent with long punch combos and dodging or parrying their attacks.

By the way, parrying in Sonic Frontiers is very easy, since perfect timing is not important. So you don’t have to start parrying at the last second. If you see an enemy attacking you, press the keys to parry . You can only damage some enemies if you parry the attacks beforehand.

All map symbols in Sonic Frontiers explained

Sonic Frontiers island maps are teeming with symbols. We reveal what awaits you with the individual symbols:

  • Question Mark : Small puzzles that reveal more of the map
  • Portals : cyberspace realm
  • Swords : Minibosses (Guardians)
  • Hermit Koco : Defense and Strength level upgrades
  • Elder Koco : Haste and Ring tier upgrades
  • Heads : side quests
  • Green Hearts : Hearts you need for the main quest

60FPS mode for better gaming experience

Since Sonic Frontiers is a very fast game that requires good response times, we recommend that you set the 60 FPS mode on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S .

Open Options>Graphics>Graphic Quality and select 60 FPS mode . This gives you a much smoother gaming experience. In 4K mode, Sonic only runs across your screen at 30 FPS.

Unfortunately, you can only play Sonic Frontiers with a maximum of 30 FPS on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch .

Unlock fast travel – here’s how

To unlock fast travel on an island, you must uncover the entire map . Therefore, first run across the whole map and solve all question mark puzzles when you come to a new island. Each question mark reveals a small portion of the map.

Once you have uncovered the entire map, you can freely travel back and forth between all portals .

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