April 21, 2024
God of War Ragnarök: Stags of the Four Seasons Locations

God of War Ragnarök: Stags of the Four Seasons Locations

In our guide to the Stags of the Four Seasons in God of War Ragnarök you will find out:

  • Where to find the four deer in Vanaheim
  • Which favor you must have already done for this
  • How to get the silver trophy “Pure of Heart”.

The quest “Stags of the Four Seasons” is obtained when you meet one of the four stags in Vanaheim. Then go to Sindri’s house and talk to Ratatöskr the squirrel . He gives you food for the animals and tasks you with finding all four deer and bringing them back to him.

Locations of all deer in Vanaheim

The Crater: The Plains – Location of the Stag

When you have completed the main quest in Vanaheim, you will meet a pig in the camp. Follow this to get to a whole new area: the crater. There you will get the favor “For Vanaheim!”, where you have to save Birgir from a dragon .

Follow this quest, defeat the dragon and save Birgir. You can find the deer at the end of the quest under the tree next to the mystical gate “The Overgrown Tower” .

The Crater: The Depressions – location of the deer

Start at the mystical gate “Crater Entrance” , climb up the wall to the north, jump down into the valley and then go right through the big round gate (see directions on the map). Behind it you will find a cable car that will take you down to “The Sinks”.

Follow the path through the cave below. Coming out of the cave, you will see another mystical gate on the other side of the river (The Depression – entrance). Swing across the river with the Chaos Blades – the stag is next to the gate by the river.

The Jungle – location of the deer

  • Prerequisite : Completed the Return of the River favor & set the time of day to daytime

To reach the deer in the jungle, you must first complete the Return of the River favor. Once you’ve flooded the dam, go down, hop on the boat and dock at the mystical gate The Jungle. Change the time of day at the altar next to the gate – you can only reach the deer during the day.

Then fast travel to the Jungle Entrance gate , board the boat and head west. Moor at the nearest jetty, defeat the stone-throwing troll, and use the Chaos Blades to swing to the other side of the river. The deer is standing there by a tree.

The Crater: The Plains – Stag at the Wishing Well

  • Prerequisite : Completed the Return of the River fall & defeated the stone-throwing troll

Once you’ve defeated the stone-throwing troll opposite the mystical gate “Jungle – Entrance” (see “The Jungle – Location of the Deer”), go back to the mystical gate and use the Chaos Blades to cross the river to the left of it. There you can now open the locked gate with the chains in peace.

Cross the cave and you will reach the wishing well . On the upper level you will meet one of the lost deer.

Reward for the “Stags of the Four Seasons” favor

Once you have found all the deer, return to Ratatöskr. He will reward you with the Buckler of Disruption , 4,500 XP for Kratos, 1,125 XP for Freya, and 75 Whisper Tablets.

You will also be rewarded with the silver trophy “Pure of Heart” .

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