April 15, 2024


The Sword of Time is a 4-star Claymore from Genshin Impact that has always been a bit of a meme for being considered the worst 4-star Claymore in the game, something that makes a lot of sense simply because at least until today, it was not good for no character.

But as I have said, all that changes today because we finally have a character who does take advantage of it and the truth is that he takes advantage of it VERY well. Does that mean it’s a good weapon? No, since I consider that a weapon is good when many characters can take advantage of it… but at least now it is useful and we can finally get the dust and cobwebs out of it.

I think you can already imagine which character I’m referring to… but let’s not get ahead of things, let’s go with his analysis in detail!


Let’s start by looking at its attributes:

  • Base Attack Level 1: 42.
  • Base Attack Level 90: 510.

Regarding the Base Attack it does not stand out too much, its value is somewhat low (although not the lowest); In that sense, it would share the position with other Claymores such as the mammoth Marrow of the Sea Serpent or Murder of Katsuragi . To say that in this sense, speaking of the Sword of Time, that the Base Attack is low is not so relevant because in the end it is a weapon intended for characters that go to Life and not to Attack.

Let’s take a look at his secondary stat:

  • Life % Level 1: 9%.
  • Life % Level 90: 41.35%.

This was the biggest problem that the weapon had since except for the character that we will mention below, at least as of today, we did not have any Claymore character that benefited from Life and therefore this weapon was useless.

The Passive Skill grants the following effect:

  • When you take damage, you create a shield equal to 20% of the maximum Life (32% on R5) of the character carrying the weapon. In addition, the character that is protected with the shield (the shield is maintained even if you change characters) will deal 12% more damage (24% in R5).

The truth is that the passive is very interesting, especially for characters who go to Life to be able to create a shield (which never hurts) that, in addition to protecting us, will also increase the damage of our active character. Nothing but nothing bad.


And now that I’m finally in the section where I can tell you once and for all which is that character who does take advantage of the weapon and who in fact takes advantage of it in luxury, what to say in that sense that I already wanted to, let’s finally mention it! !

Dori in Genshin Impact

Indeed, Dori is a character who makes excellent use of the weapon, I’ll tell you why. From the outset, she is a character who goes to Life, that is, she takes advantage of this statistic enormously because the more Life she has, the more damage and better healing she will do. In addition, going mainly to Life (uses it better than Attack) implies that this Base Attack somewhat low on the weapon is not a problem for her as if it would be much more for other characters like Beidou to say someone.

But in addition, the issue of creating a shield (based on life, which given your kit, will be very high) that also enhances the character’s damage… is the icing on the cake. And it is that with this weapon our partner Dori will not only heal, recharge a lot of energy and do a good job as an Electro applicator… but she will also be able to put a shield on top of it and incidentally increase the character’s damage in the field. Thus becoming… a much more effective support character (who didn’t fall short).

And in case anyone is wondering… can I put it on another character? The clear answer is no ; well, you put the gun to whoever you want, that in the end the account is yours, but at least today, Dori is the only one who can make good use of it.

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