April 15, 2024
Ganyu and Kokomi Banner Details and Analysis

Ganyu and Kokomi Banner Details and Analysis

As the first part of version 3.0 comes to an end, two new banners will make their entry on September 09 at 7:00 p.m. accompanied by a new weapon banner. They will leave on September 27 at 3:59 p.m.

Let’s take a closer look at the quality of these!

Return of banners with the 4 stars

Let’s talk little, let’s talk well. This time we have two characters who are no longer to be presented and the little news: Dori.

Let’s start with Sucrose . This is a handy unit that can help you group enemies together and give DPS who need it a bit of Elemental Mastery. If you do not have 5 stars of the same category such as Venti or Kazuha , Sucrose is a unit not to be missed! As an Anemo catalyst, it will help you disperse the elements and create reactions.

Xingqiu … Do we still need to remember that he is one of the characters not to be missed if you don’t have him! Support DPS Hydro swordsman he will give you repeated Hydro damage thanks to his elemental rampage. He is a powerful unit and allowing him to reach his C6 will only be a bonus! It is equally good at Evaporating and Freezing but will still lose utility with a charged shot archer.

Regarding Dori, she appears as the second Electro healer in the game. Original and coming straight from the darkest markets of Sumeru, she will offer you her claymore and the services of a Djinn to help you in combat. It also appears to be useful in providing elemental energy regeneration. Its elemental unleash will create a bond between the Djinn and the active character, the healer. When an enemy passes through this link, Electro DMG will also be inflicted, although we don’t know the numbers yet!

Banner of Ganyu

Many a player’s favorite Cryo Archer will make a dramatic return again in a 3.0 banner. Renowned for high damage from her charged attacks, her advantage is that even when missing your arrow, Cryo damage will still be inflicted on surrounding targets. So you don’t need to be an aiming expert to master Ganyu !

Its elemental skill will allow you to place a lotus that will attract enemies while its elemental unleash, it will allow you to inflict heavy AOE damage to enemies in the area of ​​​​effect.

Ganyu ‘s large base ATK along with his bonus CRIT damage will make him the best ranged DPS if that’s what you need. She can also act as a DPS support if you prefer to focus on her unleashing.

Regarding this banner , we have Xingqiu who, unfortunately, cannot be combined with Ganyu since his elemental unleash damage does not trigger on charged shots.

Sucrose can make a good ally for the archer and bring dispersion and EM useful to the latter. Whether on a Melt or Freeze team, his elemental unleash can infuse to allow Ganyu to do these reactions when the team’s Pyro or Hydro character is on cooldown. 

Dori will probably be able to provide the cure but Superconduction remains useless with the archer. The supply of elemental energy will also be of little importance for Ganyu who only needs 40 energy to regain his elemental outburst.

Kokomi Banner

Kokomi , the priestess, is also back. This Hydro catalyst will have a support role by providing mainly care and a regular Hydro application.

If some can play her DPS thanks to the Clam set and the constellations, the priestess of Watatsumi will mainly be an asset as a Hydro support.

It will easily find its place in a Perma-gel or Evaporation team. Moreover, the arrival of the Dendro seems to give him another chance to shine with Blossom.

Use his elemental skill to spawn a jellyfish that will heal you and apply the Hydro element to nearby enemies at regular intervals.

Its elemental unleash, in addition to allowing you to walk on water, allows you to increase DGT of the normal and charged attacks of Kokomi and those of the jellyfish according to the maximum HP of the catalyst. Additionally, when her normal and charged attacks hit the enemy, she restores the HP of all nearby team characters.

Regarding the banner : adding Xingqiu to the team will allow you to activate the Hydro resonance bonus which notably increases HP, which is an advantage for Kokomi who heals according to his HP.

With the presence of another Electro, Pyro or Cryo character, Sucrose can be useful in a Kokomi team mainly for infusion and elemental reactions.

Finally Dori… Although she is not of the same element as Kokomi , her presence in a team containing the latter seems useless. Kokomi is already a very good healer who will not require the addition of the Sumeru merchant.

Finally, it should be noted that Kokomi can ally himself with Ganyu in a Frost team in order to constantly apply his element and heal the archer simultaneously.

trial dungeon

The trial dungeon will be standard with 20 primo gems for Ganyu and Kokomi  and resources for the three 4* characters.

The Banner of Arms

We’ll start with the Amos arc which remains the most recommended arc to play with Ganyu to date. A very good bow for a DPS like her! If he is not necessarily the BiS of other characters like Tighnari or Fischl , he is good for almost all DPS archers.

Kokomi ‘s catalyst  , Glow of the Eternal Moon , provides healing and hit points. This makes the weapon usable on very few characters, aside from Kokomi  and  Barbara  .

As for 4 stars, we have the rusty bow which is not without value on a Tartaglia or even on a Fischl DPS Physique. It’s also excellent on Yoimiya , surpassing even high-refined 5* weapons.

The ritual sword is a very useful and recommended weapon. It is Xingqiu ‘s favorite weapon and will allow you to use his elemental skill 2 times in order to get his elemental unleash faster! The weapon is also very good on Qiqi , especially when played with the millelith set.

The dragon flail is a very good weapon on Xiangling or Hu Tao with a significant EM contribution. 

Favonius ‘ Greatsword can be used with Sayu who will make better use of it than others. Chongyun and Beidou can also use it if you have nothing else.

Finally, the eye of perception remains poorly remembered and is not recommended.

And you, are you going to pull over?

Were you expecting Ganyu or Kokomi ? Would you rather go for one of the 4 stars?

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