April 16, 2024
Elden Ring - Guide to all bosses in Liurnia Lacustre and Raya Lucaria

Elden Ring – Guide to all bosses in Liurnia Lacustre and Raya Lucaria

After triumphing against the first real boss of Elden Ring and obtaining the Rune Major, you will pass the Storm Storm Castle, and arrive at Liurnia Lacustre , located north of Sepolcride . It is a stimulating land to explore, and in which you will find different points of interest, both in terms of churches or important buildings, and of course the bosses to defeat : in this guide we will show you where to find and how to defeat all the bosses of Elden Ring in Liurnia Lacustre.

Before continuing, we thank the Powerpyx portal for making its demonstration videos available to the public, some of which we report below to get you an idea. The tactics described in the text are written based on our gaming experiences, and will not always coincide with the videos, which may show only one of the possible approaches. There will also be links with the fights we have carried out.

ATTENTION: we remind you that being a guide to the bosses, you may receive unwelcome spoilers about what awaits you in the Liurnia Lacustre area of ​​Elden Ring, so we invite you to proceed in reading only with this awareness.

Rotting Knight – Very Easy / Easy

It is located in Liurnia lacustre, in the Acquacheta Cave . Explore the dungeon to the end, being careful not to get poisoned (we recommend having items with you that can cure you of poison). The dungeon is located in the southernmost area of ​​the lake, just below the first point of Grazia di Liurnia Lacustre. For both the dungeon and the bossfight, if you have obtained it, we advise you to keep the Talisman of the blessed dew equipped , to counteract the effects of the poison (since you will revive yourself very easily).

It is a knight who fights with two weapons : a spear that also inflicts sacred blows, and a sword. To parry it he will cross them in front of you, so avoid attacking him in these cases, as he will be able to carry out a light counterattack . Being a humanoid knight, you may not have too much difficulty in taking him down, especially if you summon an ash to act as a scapegoat : if the knight tries to hit your invocation, you will have a free critical hit in the back every time , or you can hit him to the bitter end with your spells from a distance. If you are his target, simply dodge at the right time, or stay out of range of his attacks.

If you defeat him, you will receive the Winged Sword Emblem and 3300 runes as a reward .

Mother Tree Burial Guardian (3) – Easy

It is located in Liurnia Lacustre, in the Catacombs at the foot of the cliff . You will find the dungeon on a narrow descent, starting from the strip of land that on the map is to the right of Lake Liurnia (start from the point of Grazia Strada maestra di Liurnia Nord ). It is a very uncomfortable dungeon, which in addition to the usual mini feline gargoyles will see us fight with fierce brutes, much bigger and more dangerous (be careful of their holds!).

This is the third boss of this type we meet in Elden Ring, but the first who instead of using a sword uses a magic staff. The pattern of physical attacks is almost the same as the others we have encountered (he stands up to strike, uses flames and so on), however with his cane, when he falls from above, he manages to create shock waves with an average flow rate. Also, when we are at a distance, he will use the staff to attack us with magic.

Clearly it is a bit more difficult than the previous ones, clearly also accomplices a greater life and greater damage inflicted, however you can take advantage of the opportunities that you can create with the summons. If you have a magical build you will have an easier time, but be careful when it will cover the space that divides you in a short time. The melee tactic is still the same, but watch out for shockwave hits and homing magic.

As a reward for defeating him, you’ll get Kaiden’s Mercenary Ashes and 3200 runes .

Adan, fire thief – Easy

It is located in Liurnia Lacustre, in the Eternal Galley of the evildoer .

He is not an irresistible boss, and he does not have a disproportionate amount of life either. However , don’t underestimate him, and don’t be fooled by the rather funny look when compared to the other bosses. It is a humanoid who uses fire spells , which given his small stature can avoid (without dodging) your spells cast at man height. Also, his spells are extremely harmful, and especially the fireball that then explodes could kill you in one fell swoop. Also be careful to get too close, because his very rapid flare-ups can roast you without giving you the opportunity to recover and / or react.

How then to fight it? As mentioned, it is not irresistible, so if you manage to get close and hit it hand-to-hand, with due caution, you can chain combos and take away a fair amount of life. Also, when he’s not casting spells, he’ll often run towards you (almost awkwardly, at a not-so-fast speed), so you just need to take the right timing and make lunge attacks with a weapon that allows it. This boss does not have a phase 2, so you can play your strategy on it for the duration of the fight (he has a vial to heal himself, but he can only use it once).

You will receive the powerful Flame of the Fallen God spell as a reward , as well as 3800 runes .

Cavalier Limiere – Medium

You will find it in the crystalline cave of the lake in Liurnia Lacustre. This is a very dark dungeon, so we advise you to equip the lantern on your belt, or always have a flashlight at hand. It is a den of demihumans, and also an important dungeon, because once the boss is defeated, a new door will take you to a new NPG () and a point of Grace.

The Cavalier Limiere will be fought basically like the Limiere Alacre we faced at Sepolcride , with the difference that in this case the arena will be smaller, and full of obstacles. Its features are clearly better, but you should have a few more levels too.

This is a very fast boss, try to dodge his attacks a lot. If you have a ranged build, try to use a summon to avoid being attacked and be able to hit it undisturbed, but remember that it dodges quickly, and could reach you in one movement. With a totally melee build, try to remember his pattern, and dodge at the right time, but it will take some patience.

When you defeat him, you will get the Cerulean Amber Locket and 3600 Runes .

Tibial Sailor (2) – Very Easy / Easy

It is located in Liurnia Lacustre, proceeding northwards from the grace point Strada Maestra di Liurnia Nord , but do not follow the road, go up on the spit of land on the right, towards the octagonal tower.

Certainly one of the initial enemies that received the biggest boost. If you can watch out for its attack from above and the skeletons, it still remains harmless. The tactic is the same as that of the first encounter in Hydrocanto Village, but it will take longer as it will be more resilient, will have a higher life bar, and when it teleports it will do so at greater distances, causing you to lose sight of it more often.

Also defeat this sailor to get the Ashes of the Skeletal Bandit , a Deadly Root and 4700 runes .

Crystallian – Easy

You can meet him in Liurnia Lacustre , in the dungeon of the Crystal Gallery of Raya Lucaria . A fairly recommended dungeon, since in its caves you can find many forging stones 2 and 3. Inside Elden Ring and Liurnia Lacustre you will also meet others, but not all will be bosses and not all within the guide.

It is a very deceptive type of enemy, as its crystalline features will prevent it from taking massive damage , but only at the beginning. To make him vulnerable you will have to hit him repeatedly, regardless of the type of attack. When he is first stunned (and you can make a critical attack ), the stamina will be destroyed and he will start taking much more damage (normal, in short).

His attacks are made with two rotating rings, one large and one small, which he can use as melee weapons or throwing weapons. The range of the attacks is not huge, so you can stay at a distance without risking much, but watch out for when it starts spinning like a top. If you have a summon to create numerical superiority and increase the pace of your attacks, you will quickly arrive at the moment when you can deal serious damage to him.

Defeating him will get you the Miner’s Ashen Orb and 3000 runes .

Crystallian (stick) and Crystallian (spear) – Medium

You will find it in the Crystalline Cave of the Academy , a dungeon located in a cave on the west side of the island where the Raya Lucaria Academy is located. guide of those present in Liurnia Lacustre.

More than difficult, we are facing a very uncomfortable fight. We will be against 2 crystallians this time, one equipped with a stick, and therefore making use of stone-chipping magic, and a second with a spear who will continually try to tease us, even with single movements. As with the Crystallian we dealt with earlier, you will have to hit them with consecutive hits to bring them to collapse and take normal damage. The difficulty is that whomever you choose to strike first, the other will attack you, since you are outnumbered. Using a summon can even balance the score, but be aware that some area attacks may bother them (for example if you choose wolves).

If you have an intelligence build, try to keep your distance and go around in circles , attacking the one with the spear (the one with the stick will practically always remain fixed in the center of the arena), and dodging the magical attacks that will reach you. The tactic is similar even if you play melee, but in this case the invocations take on even greater importance.

A general advice is to take advantage of impact weapons , and make a lot of attacks from behind to prevent the crystallians from attacking, and then try to hit them repeatedly in the moments they get up, dodging and attacking again at the right moment.

Your reward will be the Crystalline Emission sorcery and 3300 runes (however, climbing the elevator soon after, you will arrive on a high tower where you will find a chest with the magic Earth sorcery ).

Smarag Stonebreaker Dragon – Easy / Medium

This dragon is found in Liurnia Lacustre, proceeding north from the Grace of the Temple Quarter , asleep on the shore of an islet. Behind him lies the body of a stonecutter sorcerer, who holds the Academy stonecutter key, which you will need to enter Raya Lucaria.

If you’ve already defeated Agheel in Sepulcride , you won’t have too much trouble with Smarag either, as the bosses are virtually identical , if not for the different element (stonecutter instead of fire). Fight on horseback, make the most of the mobility and amplitude of the arena, always get behind him. Attack legs and wings, be it melee or with magic attacks, and watch out for when he knocks on the ground or gives you a tail swipe that will also turn him towards you. When flying high, try to always be aware of him so as not to get hit, be it the swoop or the magic fire (you can also try to run to the right or left in case.

If you defeat him, you will get 14,000 runes and a Dragon Heart .

Bird of Death (3) – Medium

You will find it in Liurnia Lacustre, a little north-east from the Grazia point of the panoramic island . ATTENTION: like other bosses of this type, it only appears at night .

Like the other two bosses of this type you have met, only with slightly improved stats, face him as you always have, also using the horse to dodge or go around him.

If you defeat him, you will get 6600 runes and the Talisman Branched Sword from the Red Feather .

Bird of Death Rite – Medium (sorcery) / Hard (melee)

You will find it in Liurnia Lacustre, in the northern grace point of the academy’s suburbs, take a few steps south to make it spawn. To fight it, it is advisable to have a level equal to or higher than 65  and with an upgraded weapon at least level 10 . (ATTENTION, Appears only at NIGHT , go to a nearby grace point, speed up the time until night, then reach the area).

As you can tell at first glance, this type of boss is a more powerful version of the Deathbird you encountered in Sepulcride and the Wailing Penizola. Unlike these, the Bird of the death rite is much more dangerous, because in addition to physical attacks, it also exploits a magical component – and real spells – that will annoy you a lot, especially because they will inflict the “Frostbite” status. . The worst part is that its range is very large , and it will also use area attacks . Beware of its charges, and its streaks of magic that will reach you. Keep your distance when it charges attacks, such as the explosion or sword. Attention also to therain of swords .

If you use sorcery you will have more chances of hitting it while staying at a safe distance , although some of its attacks are well able to reach you in turn, always be ready to dodge, jump and accelerate with Torrente in order not to spend a bad quarter of an hour. If you play melee it will be much more complicated , try to hit him two or three times while he does not attack, and for the rest of the time try to dodge.

First of all, know that it is practically unthinkable to fight it on foot, and that getting on Torrente’s back will be essential to win.

You will kill him and receive the Grudge of Ancient Death sorcery and 7800 runes .

Night Knight (3)

You will find it in East Liurnia Lacustre, proceeding north from the point of Grazia High Road of Liurnia Nord (pass the battlefield where spirits and knights are clashing, and go beyond). ATTENTION, It appears  only at NIGHT , advance the time until the night from the point of Grace mentioned. This is the first of the two bosses of this type present in Elden Ring in the guide dedicated to Liurnia Lacustre.

It will not be a complicated fight, face it on horseback or on foot, from a distance or melee. If you concentrate on hitting the horse, it will fall and allow you to make a critical attack before it gets back up. If you face it having obtained a level from 55 upwards, you will be in full comfort zone, however pay attention to the location, which could be narrow between rocks and trees.

Defeat it and you will get War Ash: Ice Spear and 5600 runes as a reward .

Night Knight (4)

You will find it in Liurnia Lacustre, on the road in front of the Grace of the eastern gate of Raya Lucaria (the one at the right end of the bridge). ATTENTION, It appears  only at NIGHT , advance the time until the night from the point of Grace mentioned. This is the second boss of this type present in Elden Ring in the guide dedicated to Liurnia Lacustre.

The pattern in which the Night Knights patrol the highways is repeated. Also in this case the location will be between trees and rocks, but with a slightly greater breath than the previous one. His strength is equal to the other knight of Liurnia Lacustre, and the weapon is the same, as well as the tactics. Dodge his predictable attacks, focus on the horse, and take the loot home.

Defeat him and you will get War Ashes as a reward: Giant Hunt , Longwing of the Night Knights and 5600 runes .

Carian Knight Bols – Very easy (melee) / Easy (ranged and magic)

You can find this boss of Elden Ring in Liurnia Lacustre (the second of the guide in a prison), in the Eternal Galera del Cuckoo.

It is a giant, but it also makes use of some very powerful sorcery and physical attacks, some even quite fast. In this case we are faced with a boss who, if attacked hand-to-hand, can go down with a few well-aimed shots, while if you have a magical build you may have a few more problems.

If you attack with a sword, as soon as it is born you can hit it with two or three thrusts charged to the legs , perhaps one on each leg: the boss will collapse and you can make a critical attack to the head. As soon as he becomes tangible, repeat. Three or four times should be enough based on your level, and best regards.

For magic or ranged attacks, we know the story well: keep your distance and spam spells, but be careful of the great range of the attacks and the fact that they can reach you quickly.

Kill him and you will get 4600 runes and the Greatsword Phalanx sorcery as a reward .

Spirit Summoning Snail – Very Easy

You’ll find it in the Dead Road Catacombs , a dungeon located west of Liurnia Lacustre, on the outermost strip of land on the coast. A very simple dungeon, which nevertheless sees the need to discover some illusory walls to be completed. First meeting with this type of boss in Liurnia Lacustre and in Elden Ring, as well as the guide.

The boss won’t be too uncomfortable a customer, but his summons will be. The Snail will indeed be hidden , but his summons will be annoying. Kill the first enemy she summons, and try to kill her before she summons more or she hides again. She has neither a great life bar nor a great stamina. Attacking her with the sword, a couple of well-aimed combos are all it takes.

If you feel like it, you can completely ignore the summoning, and avoid making invocations yourself : the Snail will be invisible but will emit a faint white glow, also quite easy to spot, look for it and hit it, inflicting a lot of damage. She will move a few times, but you just need to find her and repeat. If you manage to dodge the blows of his summoning, you will have achieved the maximum result with minimum effort, very quickly.

If you kill her, you will get the Ashes of the Stonecutter Sorcerer and 3000 runes .

Mother Tree Avatar (2) – Easy

It is located under the Minor Mother Tree which is located in the upper right area of ​​Liurnia Lacustre. Before facing it, we advise you to kill all the horned creatures in the area, some of which you can safely attack them with a critical behind while they are intent on praying. This is the first of the two Avatars that we will meet in this Elden Ring boss guide dedicated to Liurnia Lacustre.

The fight won’t be anything overly complicated, because it’s a copy of the Avatar you defeated in the crying peninsula , the only thing that changes is some stats. Furthermore, at this point of the game, if you have a level above 50 , you can get away with it without too much trouble, just pay attention to his attacks Di lui.

Kill him and you will get 5800 runes as a reward , the Broken Tear of the Veil of Magic , the Broken Tear of the Veil of Lightning and the Broken Tear of the Holy Veil .

Onyx Sample – Easy

You will find it in Liurnia Lacustre, starting from the Grazia del Back of the Cariano Manor , and heading east. He will be in the eternal galley of the royal tomb . To inflict good damage on him and not engage in a attrition fight, it is advisable to face him from level 70 upwards .

It is a very readable enemy, although you will have to be careful with its spells. Magic attacks from a distance. Whether you are using a magical build, or are dedicated to melee attacks, there are simple ways to get rid of him without too much effort.

In the first case, use the Carian Greatsword magic to destabilize it and stop whatever action or attack it is doing (as well as dealing damage to it), but you can also simply dodge and spam spells from a distance. If you have a melee build, dodge his magic attacks, and decide whether to parry or dodge his slow longsword attacks. It doesn’t have an excessive amount of health, and the damage you deal with sharp weapons is good. Powerful attacks will create pretty good openings.

Defeat him to get Meteorite Sorcery and 3600 runes as a reward .

Mother Tree Avatar (3) – Easy

You can find it at the Minor Mother Tree in the strip of land to the west at Liurnia Lacustre, just above the point of Grace of the Rebuilt Tower . This is the second Avatar we will meet in this Elden Ring boss guide dedicated to Liurnia Lacustre.

The fight won’t be anything overly complicated, because it’s a copy of the Avatar you defeated in the crying peninsula , the only thing that changes is some stats. Furthermore, at this point of the game, if you have a level above 50 , you can get away with it without too much trouble, just pay attention to his attacks Di lui.

Kill him and you will be rewarded with 5800 runes , the Cerulean Crystal Tear and the Disruptive Crystal Tear .

Real Restless Spirit – Medium / Difficult

You will find it in Liurnia Lacustre, in the Ruins of the King , by going down the stairs that lead to the basement, but after having hit them (the entrance is an illusory wall placed on the ground). It is located almost at the northeast corner of the ruins.

You have probably encountered this creature before while exploring the center of Liurnia in the lake, at the Ruins. It is a very fast, uncoordinated, unpredictable enemy, but which fortunately (if faced at level 60 or more) will be able to suffer a fair amount of damage. From the relentless attacks , to the blast of poison , to the sudden leaps towards you, everything will be dangerous , in addition to the fact that this time the arena will be very small .

The advice for whatever build you use is to immediately summon some ashes that will take damage for you and distract the creature, but always remain ready to avoid hits with dodging . Avoid too long cast attacks, as the Spirit can escape through an underground portal and you may not hit it (or worse, reach you while casting).

Your reward will be 3100 runes , in addition to the chest that you open in the next room, which will give you the Frozen Needle weapon .

Omen Slayer – Easy

You will find it in Liurnia Lacustre, in the Albinauri Village . it is a fairly hidden location, try to go there during your exploration. It is located in the southern part of the lake, taking a left slope in the area with the yellowish water.

This is not an irresistible boss, but remember to kill the three dogs in that area first, otherwise they will be thorns in the side. His combos are very readable and short, but watch out for when he jumps towards you with his swords flat, as it will take a good amount of life out of you. If you play melee you will have many openings, but beware of the fire that will occasionally spit from the mouth. Avoid parrying, prefer dodging if you are at least in mid roll. With magical build you won’t have too many problems, but try to always keep a good distance.

If you defeat him, you will get 4900 runes and the Crucible Knot Talisman .

Ashen Globe Hunter (2) – Easy (magic) / Hard (melee)

It is located in the Church of the Vows , in Liurnia Lacustre, and spawna right inside the church, in the same way as the hunter in the master’s hut . (ATTENTION, Appears  only at NIGHT , go to a nearby grace point, speed up the time until night, then teleport to the grace point of the church, and enter. If you die, repeat again). He is Liurnia Lacustre’s first nighttime boss in this Elden Ring guide.

The boss is a copy of the first one you encountered, but clearly with improved stats. We advise you to tackle it with a level of 55 or higher , also based on your build.

First of all, lure the Hunter out of the church, perhaps by exiting the side, as you will need ample space to keep away from him. Attacks with the telepathic sword continue to be devastating , and even when mounted, they will stun or unseat you. In many cases it will only take two hits to die. However Torrente will be indispensable for the fight .

If you want to attack him with magic , always stay away from his powerful attacks and spam spells, but since he has a good life bar, keep at least a couple or 3 cerulean ampoules in stock, as if everything goes as it should go, say you will not need those to cure yourself. If you want to attack hand-to-hand the situation will be much more complicated, because if you get close it will not discount and will not miss the opportunity to hit you, you will have to be perfect in dodging his blows with Torrente. The simplest move is to wait for the telepathic sword to return to its owner, and at that moment run towards it and make one, maximum two attacks, and then run away like the wind and repeat.

Take this damn down, and you’ll get 6,000 Runes and the Fleshwalker Orb as a reward .

Cemetery Shadow (2) – Medium

You will find this boss in Liurnia Lacustre, in the eastern area of ​​the map, in the Catacombs of the Black Knives . This is the same location illustrated in the map that Fia will give you . The dungeon is a bit tricky, and this is just one of the two bosses you’ll find there.

It is a really uncomfortable enemy, (you have already met him in the Wailing Peninsula ) and it will be even more so because you will face him while he is accompanied by 3 skeletons. There can be 2 tactics, one of which is faster and more risky. The first is to kill the three skeletons first (remembering to give them the coup de grace so as not to make them come back to life) and then dedicate yourself to the Shadow, the second is to catapult you on her (even if she herself will give you against) and try to get it over with quickly, with the skeletons dying with the Shadow Broker.

This can be tricky because the 3 skeletons are REALLY annoying , and a summoning could be providential to keep the Shadow busy while you take out the minions. Always pay attention to the main boss though, because he inflicts bleeding and his damage is really high, especially with the very fast and sequential combos. Plus, it’s fast and elusive. Slashing weapons are a good choice, and the Uchigatana with Outsheath does her very high damage. Remember to avoid the green sticky ball , or you will be short-lived.

Kill her and you will have as a reward the Ashes of the Great Sorcerer and 3500 runes .

Black Knife Assassin (2) – Medium / Hard – Easy with D summoning

You will find this boss in Liurnia Lacustre, in the eastern area of ​​the map, in the Catacombs of the Black Knives , also linked to a side quest of Elden Ring (guide here). This is the same location illustrated in the map that Fia will give you , and by defeating this boss you will get the object you are looking for , which you were talking about with the woman. The dungeon is a bit tricky, and this is only one of the two bosses you will find there. The Black Knife Killer is upstairs , you will have to hit an illusory wall , behind which you will find the yellow fog for the bossfight. We recommend tackling it from level 55 upwards .

Nothing to do with the old version, tired, slow and with part of the missing life that you encountered in Sepolcride , things could get tricky here. Fortunately , you can summon D, Hunter of the Dead , who is not only very resistant to his attacks, but will also be able to stand up to her for a few seconds. This means you can have an easy time attacking her from behind with critical attacks, or magical ranged attacks.

If you want to fight alone (or with a summon, for somewhere in between), know that it has quite varied patterns , mixing ranged attacks, melee attacks, a grab, and jump attacks capable of unbalancing you with one hit. alone. However, these remain fairly readable, and if you’ve come to a mid-game point, you shouldn’t have a problem learning them. Dodge a lot , and don’t get hit by multiple attacks in succession, since although a single attack doesn’t take away an exaggerated amount of HP, a well-placed combo could really hurt you a lot.

Kill it and you will get the Cerulean Assassin’s Dagger Talisman , 3150 runes and the Black Grapho Dagger key item .

(TROPHY) Radagon’s Red Wolf – Easy / Medium

This boss is located in Liurnia Lacustre, inside the Raya Lucaria Academy . To reach it you will have to proceed inside the academy and get to activate the point of Grace of the School Classroom , after having collected the Academy Key which is behind Smarag, Stonebreaker Dragon. We recommend facing it after reaching level 50 , and with an upgraded weapon at least level 10 .

It is a mid-boss whose type of attacks will be relatively easy to learn, but which has very deceptive timing . He is very reminiscent of Sif from Dark Souls , and will attack you with a mixture of melee and magic . He will summon a sword from his mouth, which he will use to hit you closely, and with a medium range, however he will try to hurt you with bites as well. Pay close attention to his jumping attacks, treacherous, dangerous and of good range. His magic attacks are swords of magic that are thrown at a distance at the player, as well as a slightly more powerful single magic attack.

If you play melee, do not be too hasty in the dodge , because unlike many other bosses, it will not attack as soon as the animation begins, be patient, because as we told you, it has deceptive timing. If you face him with the parameters mentioned above, he will lose a lot of life with your attacks, and a few well-aimed hits will be enough to kill him. With a magical build you have to be careful that it does not get too close, using the summons to act as a shield. Try to hit him often and with quick attacks , as he may move fast and you may miss him.

Defeat it and you will get the Memory Stone and 14,000 runes .

(BOSS HISTORY and TROPHY ) Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon – Medium

He is the story boss of Liurnia Lacusre, and is located inside the Raya Lucaria Academy . To reach it you will have to start from the Debate Room (the room where you defeated Radagon’s Red Wolf), jump to the stairs on the right in the square outside the academy, and proceed to the elevator (alternatively, if you have unlocked the shortcut via the rooftops, you can pass from the left and save yourself the stage with the spinning sphere). This is the third story boss you will meet in Elden ring, the only one in the Liurnia Lacustre guide.

It is a two-stage boss where the difference in difficulty is felt. The first phase will require you to stun Rennala by destroying her spiritual barrier of him, and to do so you will have to kill the three creatures that possess such a yellow glow barrier. They will only be available to attack one at a time, and when you kill the third, Rennala will fall to the ground and you can hit her mercilessly.

If you have a melee build, this phase will be very fast, and if you have enough speed and toughness it may take just one “turn” to go to phase 2. If not, Rennala will recreate the barrier and you will have to kill the 3 creatures again. that protect the barrier. The attacks you can suffer are different , such as books and objects thrown at you with telekinesis, chandeliers falling on you, or attacks of magical light. In any case it will not be overly complicated to avoid them, and if you are careful enough you can access phase 2 without even using an ampoule to heal yourself (inevitably, if you are in the magical build, you may have to use the one of cerulean tears).

With the second phase there are problems , since you will have to be very fast and not give Rennala breath, right from the beginning, since a couple of well-aimed blows from her can bring you down without too many compliments. Before starting the bossfight therefore, equip yourself as much as possible with magic resistance, to limit the damage slightly. When the phase begins at the end of the video, Rennala will try to hit you with the Azur Cannon (a very powerful sorcery), so as soon as the fight starts, start running sideways to avoid being hit. Use these few seconds of her attack to summon an ash, because you will need to attack her as much as possible, and also have a scapegoat. The wolvesthey can be a good choice, especially if you have upgraded them by at least 2 levels.

The Azur Cannon will only be the first of the problems, because Rennala also has other magical attacks capable of hurting you a lot , some of which chase you (for this reason scapegoats are also useful. You can still dodge them by rolling towards her), but also real evocations of monsters more or less strong that will bully you as soon as they can. Her advice, however, is to focus on her without giving her a breather (she doesn’t have much stamina and your attacks will always stagger her), but she’ll sometimes be able to dodge and attack.

With a melee build you will have to charge head down as soon as you get close, while playing with magic you will be able to stay a little more safe , but will inflict less damage . You could seriously think about switching to melee for this fight even if you are wizards , because you may be able to not give way to attack and take away all life slowly.

Defeating her will reward you with the Remembrance of the Full Moon Queen , the coveted Greater Unborn Rune , and 40,000 runes .

(TROPHY) Loretta Royal Guard – Easy / Medium

You will find it in Liurnia Lacustre in the Carian Manor . Start from the point of Grace on the upper floor of the manor . Proceed to the top of the stairs and enter the large open space with the chairs arranged in a circle. This is the third Elden Ring trophy boss featured in the Liurnia Lacustre guide.

This is a relatively simple boss, which you will be able to deal with more easily if you have a melee build and an ash summon (also depends on your level). Loretta is a mounted boss , who will not only attack you hand-to-hand by charging you with a long halberd, but also with some magical attacks, including homing daggers, magic bow and small comets. Her paces are pretty tight with ranged attacks, so a scapegoat like the Soldiers of Godrick might be her ideal to keep her busy. Be careful to avoid her attacks from her melee and to heal you in case of need, always if you are not preparing the swords to hit you from a distance. Your attacks from her will hurt her a lot.

If you have a magical build , summon wolves and spam hits from a distance (for at least acceptable damage, you might need to hit level 70 or so).

If you manage to defeat this boss you will get Loretta’s Heavy Bow sorcery , War Ash: Loretta’s Slash and 10,000 runes .

(TROPHY) Makar Magma Dragon – Medium

You will find this boss waiting for you in Liurnia Lacustre, just after the point of Grace called Vista on the precipice of the ruins. This is the boss who protects the elevator that will take you to Altus. To reach the location, you will have to pass from the village to the northernmost and most remote area of ​​the lake (on the map you will recognize it as a very conspicuous black and orange hole).

First of all, we recommend facing this boss if you have reached at least level 55/60 . However, if you decide to use ally summons (there are a couple of golden deafult signs outside the boss door) you could get away with even a lower level, being careful not to get hit by the dragon.

This dragon is different from the ones we have encountered so far, as it will not fly , will make attacks even with a melee weapon , and will be able to fill the ground with lava . Also, the arena won’t be overly large, so you’ll have limited room to maneuver , and you’ll have to fight without a horse . As usual, you can decide between the classic two options to fight the boss, whether with melee attacks or with magic .

In case you are an astrologer or similar , it would be better for you to summon at least one of the spirits at the entrance to distract the creature, and inflict damage at a distance, but always paying attention to its sudden movements that could make it direct towards you. You can also get help from invocations or objects to try to inflict altered status, but be aware that those that go to melee may have a short life (we therefore recommend the spirit Medusa or archers). Know that they are not essential anyway , and by keeping a good distance and dodging charges and flames, you could get away with a little patience, as this boss has a lot of life .

If you want to attack melee instead, you will be much more exposed to his attacks, but being a large boss you can hit him very accurately and repeatedly. But you will have to be careful with the timing of the dodges , especially when the Magma Dragon uses the sword to deliver a powerful “guillotine” style blow to the ground, which will also hit you with its shock wave… and it will hurt. Try to concentrate on the body, and not on the head, which otherwise will see you exposed to flare-ups and bites.

This boss has two phases, and in the second, he will even stand up. As always, pay attention to the timing of the dodges, and try to save the ampoules for this phase.

Defeat him and you will be rewarded with 24,000 runes , a Heart of the Dragon and the Magma Dragon’s Blade Scale sword .

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