April 15, 2024


The Agreste Sentinel is the first boss that we will meet in Elden Ring after having access to the open area, in fact as we take a few steps forward we will find him wandering around and waiting for us to challenge him.

I guess it’s the Elden Ring’s way of saying hello, planting a very complicated boss in our faces just to start so we can bite; however… the best thing you can do is leave it for later. Face other bosses such as the Beast Man , Semi- human Boss or the Funeral Guard Dog and after them it will be a better idea to stand up to this one so that you at least have a little more level and equipment, that this encounter will be quite hard even with those.


I’m not even going to post a photo because its location is extremely simple, in fact if you’re here it’s most likely because you’ve found it and it hit you hard, like it did with all of us; below you have his guide to make it more bearable.

What I have already mentioned before, as you go out into the open world if you go a little north you will find it. Specifically north of the ” El Primer Paso ” bonfire. You could also go perfectly from «Church of Elleh», it is between both bonfires (this is the one above El Primer Paso). Do not forget that in Church of Elleh you will find a girl (she is like a magician) sitting on the wall who will give us the «Spirit Summoning Bell», which is the one that will allow us to use the Ashes, which will come in handy in our adventure.


The Wild Sentinel has it all, a horse to move quickly, a very heavy armor that reminds a bit of Havel’s (those of Dark Souls will understand), a huge halberd that he handles with mastery and as if it were a small knife and of course a shield bigger than you; the thing looks bad and yes, the boss has fabric.

First of all mention two things:

  1. Blocking isn’t very productive, which doesn’t mean it’s better than taking a hit, that’s obvious. The thing is that he has some very powerful blows that break the guard very easily, so you better learn to dodge him and use the shield as a last resort.
  2. His attacks are usually somewhat slow and he pretends that he will do them but ends up doing them later, this causes you to tend to dodge him before time and right after the dodge you eat the blow. The key to this boss is to master this, wait for him to actually attack, and dodge then .

His halberd also has a brutal range, more than it appears, sometimes it seems to lengthen or something because it is not even half normal. The thing is that, do not trust that many times it seems that you are safe and you are not. Even if you’re a bit far away, keep your shield up (you’ll see how it saves you from more than one blow) and if you don’t have a shield, don’t trust yourself and move further away than necessary. If your shield guard breaks, dodge back as fast as you can and get away or get blasted.

On the dodge side, he has a lot of attacks that consist of a single attack and the idea is to dodge him (considering that delay he usually has with his attacks) and quickly land a quick hit on him, back up, and so on.

A good option you have to hit him back after the dodge (when you see it very clearly, if he doesn’t throw a quick hit and retreat) is a jump attack; This, in addition to hitting some of them, will stun him for a while, the pity is that you will not be able to stab him (I think because he is on horseback), but you will be able to take advantage of it to make a maximum charged attack, another quick hit followed and move away.

If he starts with combos, retreat because it will be very easy to dodge badly at some point (and with a shield you can’t even stand it) and when he does one in which he ends up nailing his barbed wire to the ground, take the opportunity to attack him a little between taking it out.

Oh yes, and don’t forget to use any of the Ashes you have, the one you prefer except the High Sorcerer because at least when I did it I was taking 9 life per hit (which is like headbutting a beam). ). The one with the wolves comes in pretty handy, he’ll have a quick snack, but once he’s a little distracted you can lower his life a bit and then you’re still alone, that’s what it is, less than a stone.

  • Royal Guard Guide Loretta (magical version of Wild Sentinel)


By defeating him we will obtain the following:

  • Golden Halberd : Basically it is his Halberd, it will require a lot of Strength to handle but it is a pretty decent weapon for Strength and Faith based builds. Very heavy, yes, but quite powerful and also deals physical and also Holy damage (of light and that) .

By the way, if you have already defeated Wild Sentinel, a boss that will be very easy for you because it is very similar but somewhat less powerful is the Night Cavalry .

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