April 21, 2024
Elden Ring - Guide to the location of all recipes

Elden Ring – Guide to the location of all recipes

Elden Ring is proving to be a continuous surprise, for this reason we decided to help you with this guide dedicated to the exact position of all the recipes in the game.

The FromSofwtare title, is truly an inexhaustible source of surprises. Today we want to talk to you about the recipes in the books, essential volumes for anyone who wants to push forward in the experience offered by the team. Thanks to these, you can create different tools or gadgets such as arrows that inflict elemental damage, objects that cure state ailments and so on, with effects that can guarantee considerable bonuses even to Runes and statistics.

Some recipes will be accessible through specific retailers, others you will have to find them yourself, just to help you with this we have created a guide dedicated to all Elden Ring recipes .

Before going into detail, we remind you that this guide on Elden Ring recipes naturally contains spoilers of a different nature, so continue only if strictly necessary. 

Where do you find the recipes in Elden Ring? Here is the guide!

Here are all the Elden Ring cookbook locations:

  • Armourer’s Cookbook (1)  – inside the carriage chest north of Gatefront Ruins (Limgrave)
  • Armourer’s Cookbook (2) – Purchase from the Nomadic Merchant in Dissenter’s Cave (Limgrave) for 400 runes
  • Deserter’s Cookbook (1) – Purchase from Merchant Kalé in Elleh Church (Limgrave) for 150 runes
  • Deserter’s Cookbook (2)  – found inside a small ruined house in Dragon-Burnt Ruins (Limgrave) guarded by dogs and mice
  • Fevor’s Cookbook (1) – by a coffin down the stairs near the entrance to Stormfoot Catacombs (Limgrave)
  • Missionary’s Cookbook (1) – Purchase from merchant Kalé in Elleh Church (Limgrave) for 150 runes

These are all the recipes we have found so far, so if others come up we will promptly update our guide. For more information on Elden Ring , we refer you to the dedicated card, which is constantly updated.

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