April 21, 2024


The Troll Knight Sword is an Elden Ring Greatsword that is quite aesthetically pleasing and interesting for those who want to be a kind of Warrior Mage with a piece of Greatsword in the game (Strength and Intelligence Build would be their thing).

I have to say that for this purpose there are better weapons like the Greatsword of the Black Moon, but since the latter is quite difficult to get because in the meantime you can get by with this one that is not at that level but it is not bad either and the truth is that pretty cool.

What does not completely finish me is the scaling of attributes that it has, but despite that, we are facing a Greatsword that is very worthwhile if what you are looking for is what has already been mentioned: being the typical warrior mage.

If you are looking for a Greatsword more than a Strength Build of a lifetime, I recommend the Greatsword of Guts .


These are his stats:

  • Level 1 Physical Damage: 124
  • Magic Damage level 1: 80.
  • Weight: 18.
  • Critical: 100.
  • Protections:
    • Physical: 55.
    • Magic 55.
    • Fire: 43.
    • Lightning: 43.
    • Sacred: 43.
    • Stability: 40.
  • Attribute Scaling:
    • Strength 😀
    • Dexterity: d
    • Intelligence 😀
  • Necessary Attributes:
    • Strength 20.
    • Intelligence 18.
    • Skill 14.
  • Ashes of War: Troll’s Roar.

As a Greatsword that it is… which is actually a colossal sword, but you understand me (a huge greatsword, let’s go); the case, which has a good physical damage (somewhat less compared to other colossal swords) and in turn also has magical damage, so the sum of the two… eye.

You already know how these types of weapons work, they hit slowly but each hit is very noticeable; Also, it has the drawback that it is very heavy and you will probably need some Stamina and maybe a Talisman to be able to carry it with you (which is why a lifelong mage should not be able to use it without rolling slow). In terms of requirements, the truth is that in this aspect the weapon is chosen quite well because none of them is too high.

Regarding its scaling, the truth is that it doesn’t completely finish me, although I can’t say it’s wrong, not even remotely. It already starts with a D in three attributes (which I personally prefer that they be more focused on one in particular than so balanced), which is not bad, the problem is that at maximum level it ends up staying in Strength C, Dexterity C and Intelligence D… so it’s a shame that it doesn’t reach at least B in Strength or Intelligence and speaking of Intelligence… it stays at D, which at maximum level is not a very high scaling. I consider it to be a very good weapon for Strength and Intelligence builds and I recommend it, but there are better ones for this purpose such as the already mentioned Darkmoon Greatsword or the Regal Greatsword.

Oh yes, I almost forgot; It also has a Self Ash with which we will hit the ground as if giving a stomp, this will make the enemies move backwards a little and therefore it works very well as mass control.


Caria Mansion in Elden Ring

To get the Troll Knight Sword we will have to go to the Caria Mansion area (it is a mansion that we will find in Liurnia, north of the Rennala Academy ).

It will be dropped by one of those huge trolls (which for me are ogres, but hey), specifically one that we will find on some stairs very close to the battle against the magical version Wild Sentinel  , called «Royal Guard Loretta» (which It is where I have marked you on the map, in Royal Lunar Observatory Courtyard). He dropped it on me the first time, I think it’s a drop that always jumps.

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