April 16, 2024


The Night Cavalry is a boss of the Elden Ring that we can find in the Necrolimbo with the peculiarity that, as the dark knight that it is, it will only appear at night; something that I will clarify for you below in the location of it anyway.

Its appearance is super similar to that of a Nazgûl and we could say that it is a slightly less powerful version of the Agreste Sentinel, so if you have already defeated the Sentinel (which is one of the most complicated in the first zone) it should not cause you big problems .

The case, that I bring you the guide to defeat him in the easiest way and I will also tell you how you can find this boss. By the way, he won’t drop that big dark horse of his on us; I know this is not a surprise to anyone, but it would have been very cool to have that horse, life.


Basement of the Ruins of the Post in Elden Ring

We will find it exactly in the Basement of the Ruins of the Post (to the East of Agheel Pond , the great “lake” of Necrolimbo), but it will be a little further north, right on the bridge in the area (I have marked it with a green skull so you can see it the same). The green icon of the sword, since it also appears in the photo, is the Great Ax (a decent weapon to build Strength at the beginning).

Oh yes, and I almost forgot, although I already mentioned it at the beginning of the post. We will only find it on the bridge if we go at night; nothing, remember that in the bonfires we can rest until the moment of the day that we want, even the night.

Also mention that where the peephole appears in the photo (which is really the Basement of the Ruins of the Posta) we have the Calabezudo Lunatic and Sorceress Sellen (it is essential if you go to Intelligence that you go through there).


As already mentioned, Night Cavalry is a boss very similar to Wild Sentinel but somewhat less powerful . He has very good mobility because he is also on horseback, but it is true that his attacks are much less powerful (regarding life I am not sure, but it must be something similar). He goes on horseback, but it is better that you go on foot; he on horseback he gives us 20,000 laps and he will throw us quickly.

It has various attacks with the spear that are very easy to dodge/block (be careful with the block because it happens like with the Agreste Sentinel, it lowers our stamina quite a bit, although in this one it is less noticeable because it does not hit as much with combos). The theme of the combos is what makes it easier, this boss is more about launching an individual attack than starting to make combos and therefore it is much more bearable (you dodge the turn hit, you hit him back, he will move away, and So). In any case, the following attacks should be highlighted:

  • Horse Body Slam : Does this a lot when you’re close to him, often right as you attack him. The horse will give us a blow with the body that the truth is that it is quite annoying because if you do it right when you attack it it is almost impossible to dodge it, but keep that in mind.
  • Jump and Hit : Night Cavalry will make a big jump and hit us with a halberd in the air. Easy to dodge and after that it has a fairly easy opening to take advantage of. Remember that it is better to hit him and get out of the way than to hit him a lot and have him hit you accordingly; something basic in practically all the bosses of Elden Ring (and most of Souls).

The other attacks are typical halberd strikes that don’t require much explanation. Don’t be intimidated by this boss, he’s not a big deal. The Jumping Heavy Attack in response to dodging his attacks comes in handy.

Oh, and I almost forgot, if you can “kill the horse” to Night Knighthood, at that moment it will fall to the ground and you can crit it to lower its life a lot. If you don’t kill him in the process, he will stay for a while (very little) fighting on the ground and quickly summon his horse again to continue the battle.


By defeating him we will obtain the following:

  • Ashes of War: Onslaught Repeated : An Ashes of War (weapon skills) for ramming weapons such as the  Grand Épée . With it we will make several quick hits.

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