April 15, 2024


The Summoning Conch is a boss of the Elden Ring that I hate because she herself is the easiest boss in the world because she literally does nothing and has very little life, what happens is that it disappears and she will summon a super sucky buddy to be the one to spank us instead, a pretty cowardly strategy.

The most frustrating thing is that if it’s the first time you’re facing her, it can happen that you don’t know this, kill her summons and stay a bit like… and now what, nothing happens here. And it is that as this happens, the Summoning Conch will appear in some random corner of the screen for a while to summon another enemy and therefore you will have to hurry to find it and kill it before that happens or you already know what awaits you .


Catacombs of Finisenda in Elden Ring

We will find the battle against the Summoner Conch in the Finisenda Catacombs , a dungeon that we will find in Liurnia, specifically to the Southwest of the Rennala Academy  (which is what we see in the upper right corner of the image above). To get there you will have to go around the “mountain” where the golden tree is (where we find an Avatar of the Golden Tree) but from below, we will find a somewhat narrow path there that will end up taking us to this place.

Once inside, to which you advance a little you will find on your left the typical lever that opens the door (curiously, we find it only at the beginning and what it will cost is to find the door). In this dungeon we will have to find hidden walls (you know, walls that disappear if we hit and a path appears) to advance. The one that takes us to the boss is found in the lever room, but I recommend that you investigate the area thoroughly because we will find a couple of interesting objects there:

  • Guard Dog Staff.
  • Raya Lucaria Soldier Ashes.

The trick to making this dungeon easy without having to hit all the walls is to hit the walls that have player messages; there will be some troll messages, but usually they are really hidden walls (in this dungeon at least, in the others they are always trolling).


At the beginning of the battle, what we will find will be a version of the Knight of the Crucible but that uses only a spear (and luckily for us, it does not carry that annoying shield, which is a great advantage).

The Strategy will be the same as always and if you have already defeated the Knight of the Crucible, then this one is much simpler. You know, dodge/block him and when he finishes a combo attack you hit him once or twice and quickly get out of the way. If he gives you problems, you can always resort to Summoning Ashes to distract him a little and then you do it without any problem (although it’s less fun that way).

Here the really important thing is that as soon as you defeat the spirit quickly you look for the Summoning Conch and hit it with the strongest you have so that it dies quickly, otherwise it will summon another of its friends and you will have to defeat it again so that it returns To appear; hateful Summoning Conch…


By defeating the Summoning Conch we will obtain the following object:

  • Shining Stone Sorcerer’s Ashes : The typical Summoning Ash, with this we will summon a magician who will cast Spells .

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