April 14, 2024
Elden Ring - Guide to all bosses in the underground areas (Nokron, Ainsel, Mohgwyn, Nokstella, Abyss between the roots)

Elden Ring – Guide to all bosses in the underground areas (Nokron, Ainsel, Mohgwyn, Nokstella, Abyss between the roots)

While you are walking in the lands of the Interregnum of Elden Ring  and take your eyes off the guide of Grace, you will not fail to visit some places (mainly elevators) that will take you underground, in a real world made up of underground areas , which can be explored. and with different locations. Clearly in these places you will not only find many enemies ready to make you the skin, but also bosses to defeat, many of which also have a trophy attached. In this guide we will show you where to find and how to defeat all the bosses of Elden Ring in the underground areas .

We remind you that if you are in trouble with Elden Ring , you can find everything you are looking for in our guide to trophies and platinum , including those to bosses such as that of the Peninsula of tears , the vast Liurnia Lacustre or the earlier Sepolcride . If you have not read it, we also refer you to our review of the game. Some of these bosses will be available only AFTER defeating Radahn , so in order not to make empty trips, we advise you to explore these locations only after that specific bossfight.

Before continuing, we thank the Powerpyx portal for making its demonstration videos available to the public, some of which we report below to get you an idea. The tactics described in the text are written based on our gaming experiences, and will not always coincide with the videos, which may show only one of the possible approaches. There will also be links with the fights we have carried out.

ATTENTION: we remind you that being a guide to the bosses, you may receive unwelcome spoilers about what awaits you in the underground areas of Elden Ring, so we invite you to proceed in reading only with this awareness.

Elden Ring: Guide to all bosses in the underground areas

In addition to the immense map in the outside world, Elden Ring hides a real world made up of underground areas, reachable only through the appropriate elevators or through portals, These areas are so vast that they can confuse without a guide, and to meet bosses in some cases it will be necessary to take certain steps first.

(TROPHY) Ancestral Spirit – Easy

You will reach it in the basement starting from the Siofra River Well lift , located in East Sepulcris , near the minor Mother Tree. However, before facing it, you will need to light the 8 flames located in the area, and then interact with the dead Moose in the Hallowborn Grounds, which will teleport you to the battlefield. The Powerpyx video that we propose will explain where to find them, and where to go for the bossfight. Probably the easiest boss in the Elden Ring underground areas you’ll find in the guide.

Combat with this large moose is very similar to what you will typically do with large animals. The charge remains his most problematic attack, which will be useful to the Spirit not only to reach you in a very fast sprint, but also to make him dodge some of your ranged attacks . Beyond that, however, the rest of his attacks have a medium range, and if you want to deal with him like good wizards, you could be spammed from afar as usual.

Even those who take advantage of a melee build will be able to face it feeling extreme difficulties, as the pauses after its short combos are abundant, and the openings for melee attacks will be good. We recommend dodging rather than parrying in these cases, and holding the weapon with two hands to inflict more damage and resolve the fight in less time. In both cases, we recommend arriving at the fight with fairly enhanced weapons, and with a level now equal to or higher than 50 .

If you kill him, you’ll get Ancestral Devotee’s ashes and 13,000 runes .

(TROPHY) Draconid soldier of Nokstella – Medium

You can find it in the basement , passing through the Ainsel River Well located in East Liurnia Lacustre . Continue through the cave and buildings until you take a new elevator, which will take you to the Ruins of Uhl . To get to the boss you have to keep going straight, until you get to an area where a suspended creature (a spider) will attack you from a distance. Go all the way around from the right, until you get to the cliff, jump, activate the grace point, then jump into the river (which has shallow water), and continue in the cave until you reach the location of the boss. If you want, kill the ants in the cave to get some ampoules, do it stealth.

If you’re a player with a sorcery build , this could be a very easy boss to swallow. In his first phase, when he is still slumped, he will try to hit you with powerful but predictable melee attacks, which despite having a wide range will be easy to avoid , in addition to the fact that the large arena you are in will allow you to keep to yourself. proper distance. A little different if you have limited range or slow cast spells.

If, on the other hand, you are built in strength or dexterity, you will have to play it as usual, closing the spaces and dodging, and then attacking. His combos are often single or double attacks , so you can afford some chained or charged attacks. The trickiest part in this case comes when you move on to the second phase, and the Soldier starts making attacks charged with electricity. Try to stay away and avoid the electric puddles by moving left or right and rolling, and watch out for the charged jump attack (dodge towards him as he leaves). Try to take advantage of the summons in case of difficulty, which will scapegoat and expose the boss to melee attacks from behind. Wizards will continue to have an easy life.

Your reward will be 12,000 runes and the Frozen Lightning Spear spell .

If you want to face the boss closely with hand-to-hand combat, we refer you to the video at this link at 0 hours and 52 minutes . If you want a magical approach, check out the video below.

(TROPHY) Reflex tear – Variable difficulty

This boss will only be available after you defeat Radahn . You can meet it in the underground areas of Nokron, the Eternal City , passing through the chasm that was created in the East Sepulcris, just below Tetrobosco.(use the Grace next to Height’s Fort). Go lower and lower and enter the cave, which will then post you to Nokon. Follow the road without falling into the void using buildings and cornices, go down into the large room (which looks like a huge church hall, and continue until you reach the circular square of Nokon. From there take the narrow stairs that go down, and when you will turn the corner you will see in the distance the huge arch with the yellow fog that will take you to the bossfight.

The biggest problem will be reaching the boss, however for the bossfight things get a little more particular: the reflected Tear is an exact copy of your character , so the strategy to defeat it will vary based on the build you are using in that moment. A little trick, very clever, to help you in the fight, is to overcome the golden mist with nothing equipped, and re-equip everything as soon as you enter. Of course, the challenge would be less satisfying, so we advise you to do it only if you find yourself in particular difficulty.

By defeating it, you will get 10.00 runes ,  two Larval Tears and the Mask of the Silver Tear .

(TROPHY) Daring Gargoyle – Hard (level 85 and above)

This boss will only be available after you defeat Radahn . These are a double boss who hides in the underground areas , in the Siofra Aqueduct , the only couple present in the guide. Start from the point of Grace you unlocked by killing the Reflected Tear, and continue in front of you until you get to the Siofra Aqueduct. The main difficulty of the bossfight is having to listen to both Gargoyles at the same time. The second of them will appear when you have taken almost half of the life of the first one on the field.

First, try to learn the movements of the enemy with the sword and the ax , which is the first to take the field. He won’t use them at the same time, so his moves will differ depending on the weapon he uses. When he has the sword, he will limit himself to a few melee shots from medium range, and with a speed that leaves a good dodging time, but be careful when he raises his blade to the sky, because it will create a horizontal strip of air that it will hit you from a distance, so dodge sideways. When he uses the ax he will make heavier attacks, such as jump attacks (one after he swings the ax around, or a charge towards you with the ax as a tip).

The situation will get complicated when you have to face the enemy at the same time with an ax and the halberd , which has spinning attacks and attacks that will see it catapulted from above towards you, or simpler attacks with an annoying range and, worse thing , both will be able to spit a fog that can poison you . If you have mastered the moves of the previous Gargoyle well, learning this won’t be a problem, but you will need to be able to handle the fight with both.

The best solution would be to focus on the first one , since it already has half its life taken away, and put it out of action. If you have a magical build you will be at an advantage during the first phase, while you can find difficulties in the second, where a melee build could come very useful to take advantage of the openings and recovery times of the Gargoyles after you have dodged their attacks.

Your rewards will be 32,000 runes , the Greatsword of the Gargoyle and the Twin Blades of the Gargoyle .

(TROPHY) Royal ancestral spirit – Medium / Hard (at level 70) / Easy (80 and above)

It is located in the underground areas in Nokron, the Eternal City , you arrive in the area of ​​the city starting from the point of Grace of the Reflected Tear. Also in this case, as for the Ancestral Spirit, you will have to light some braziers, which this time are 6 in total. Once lit, as for the other boss, go to the sacred horn fields in the area and interact with the dead moose to be transported to the bossfight location.

The fight with this big moose is also very similar to the boss fight we encountered previously, but its health and damage stats seem to have increased a bit. Apart from that, the tactic remains the same, we propose it again: the charge remains his most problematic attack, which will be useful to the Spirit not only to reach you in a very fast sprint, but also to make him dodge some of your attacks from a distance . Beyond that, however, the rest of his attacks have a medium range, and if you want to deal with him like good wizards, you could be spammed from afar as usual. Even those who take advantage of a melee buildthey will be able to face him in extreme difficulty, as the pauses after his short combos are plentiful, and the openings for melee attacks will be good. We recommend dodging rather than parrying in these cases, and holding the weapon with two hands to inflict more damage and resolve the fight in less time.

Attention, the cursed can heal himself by sucking the life of the animals around him … and from you too . If he does, he will heal a lot, making the fight even longer.

The interesting thing this time, however, lies in the reward you will get: if you kill him, you will get the Remembrance of the Royal Ancestral and 24,000 runes .

Find our fight at this link at 59 minutes and 54 seconds .

(TROPHY) Mohg, Lord of Blood – Hard / Very Hard (from level 120/130)

You can find it in the underground areas , inside the Mohgwyn Palace. To reach it you will first have to reach the snowy areas of the game, and enter a portal, which will teleport you to the Palace. From here you will have to go a little way to reach the boss (you can watch the Powepyx video that we propose to find the location). We warn you that to fight against this boss, it would be advisable to have passed the level 120/130 .

Despite not having an extreme variety of attacks, Mohg has great resistance to all types of attacks and a decidedly large life bar . If you have a magical build you must make sure you have a good dose of ampoules of cerulean tears with you to recover the skill points to spend, while with a melee build you will certainly be more exposed to physical attacks, and bet almost everything on the vital ampoules and on the balm. In both cases, try to take advantage of the summons as you see fit based on your characteristics . Rot, perhaps inflicted with a dragon’s breath, can be a good way to inflict a DOT.

To fight it, you must basically use the strategies with which you faced it in the meeting in Leyndell , with the difference that you will have more room to maneuver thanks to a larger arena . His attacks are melee, but with a fairly wide range, and a couple of moves that consist of scattering red powder that turns into fire. Pay particular attention to when he will inflict bleeding on you 3 times per repetition ! Try to always keep the level of your life high, be loaded with ampoules to heal yourself at the right time and with healing items (if you have distributed the ampoules to have many for magic), and try to use an armor with such resistance to decrease them. some damage.

At this point in the game you should already be in possession of the Comet Azur sorcery (collected on Mount Gelmir, here is the guide to all sorcery ), which being a sort of continuous “energy wave”, in combo with an evocation to act as a scapegoat can really hurt the boss. Clearly this will greatly facilitate the bossfight, but only if you have an intelligence build.

When you defeat him, in addition to the silver trophy, you will get 420,000 runes , the Greater Rune of Mohg , and the Blood Lord’s Remembrance .

Crucible Knight Siluria – Medium / Hard

You will find it in the Abyss between the Roots, starting from the grace of The Eternal City without a name .

Much about the difficulty of this boss depends on the level at which you come to face it. It is a Knight of the Crucible who beats really hard , but which with the usual tricks can be faced without particular risks. First of all, to make sure that the boss gives you respite, you can take advantage of the usual ash summons (such as the Reflected Tear for example ). We do not recommend facing the boss on horseback , because with a well-aimed blow you could fall and be definitively killed with the next blow, while you will still be stunned and helpless. We also remember that the area where you will fight is not a gigantic arena, so always do itbe careful where you put your feet .

If you have a magical build you will be able to take full advantage of the usual tactic of aggressive spell spam from distance, especially if in combo with a leathery invocation, while if you are reckless and want to fight it hand-to-hand, you will have to be very careful to its hits, and dodge them rhythmically. . Things will get more complicated for everyone when he reaches the second phase, which as always adds magical attacks , with quick lunge and wings and swoops to his move sets. Try to stay calm and add rhythm to your try.

If you defeat him, you will get 25,000 runes and the Siluria Tree weapon .

Fia Champions – Medium

You will find it in the Abyss between the Roots, below Leyndell.

It is a bossfight with several spirits, where you first have to face Rogier , and then three other spirits at the same time including Lionel the Lionheart . Although these are humanoid enemies, it is always good not to underestimate them, since only Rogier could exhaust you a lot thanks to his continuous magical attacks. As long as you fight with him alone, try to dodge as much as possible and inflict damage often, perhaps using stuns and critics, but above all trying to save the summoning of ash for the second phase , since otherwise you will be outnumbered.

If you defeat them, you will get 40,000 runes and the Fia Haze as a reward .

(TROPHY) Fortissax Necrodrago – Medium / difficult

To meet the Necrodrago Fortissax you will necessarily have to carry out the secondary mission of Fia (the Powerpyx video that we propose shows you, in addition to the bossfight, also the various steps of the Fia questline to get to meet the dragon. time). This Elden Ring boss is located inside the Fia dream, which will then be found in the underground areas , in the Abyss between the Roots (see the video for the guide).

Although at this point in the game, depending on your build, you will be able to inflict a lot of damage between magical or physical, this boss could be a bit of an uncomfortable customer. In fact, at the beginning of the fight, he will start throwing shocks that apparently will be “only” electricity, but which actually inflict the “death” status , which will activate if the gray bar reaches its maximum (and yes, as you know it will be death snapshot).

If you have a build devoted to melee attacks, try to avoid yellow lightning , with somersaults or running in a zigzag (preferable), to close the spaces as soon as possible and start attacking him. If you have a large weapon you can use the jump attack to inflict damage from below, but beware of red electric shocks , which will spread and will not always be easy to avoid. Remember then that it will not always remain stationary in a spot, but that it will be able to jump and move by flying.

If you have a magical build the tactic is redundant but effective, with an evocation ready as always to distract your enemy, and with you that you can spam spells from afar, always paying attention to the attacks of the dragon, which will be able to unleash among the other things also two very powerful spears of red light .

If you defeat him, your reward will be 108,000 runes and the Necrodrag’s Remembrance .

(TROPHY) Astel, spawn of the void – Easy / Medium (at level 100)

You will find it in Nokstella, Eternal City , as part of the road to reach the final Era of the Stars . There are various steps to take to reach the boss, and we propose them below in the Powerpyx video.

This is the same type of enemy you faced in the consecrated snowfields , so the strategy for fighting it is more or less the same. The only difference is that the life bar is bigger, and its attacks could hurt you more. In any case it is very readable, and if you have already defeated it in the mentioned dungeon, you shouldn’t have any problems.

If you defeat him, you will get the Remembrance of the Spawn and 80,000 runes .

For the moment these are all the bosses we have discovered in the underground areas of Elden Ring, hoping that our guide has been useful to you. We invite you to read all the others in our guide to all bosses , and the guides in the complete guide to all trophies and platinum  of Elden Ring.

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