April 16, 2024


The Semihuman Boss is a boss of Elden Ring that the truth is that they have gone a bit too far because we are at the beginning of the game and they already crack a double boss who, as if that were not enough, is surrounded by several small enemies in case it was not already enough (the Gargoyles of Dark Souls are nothing in comparison).

The boss for obvious reasons is very complicated and is also quite hidden (typical powerful optional boss) despite considering myself unlikely to make summons in the games of the souls saga (we will summon an NPC, I refuse to summon players, for that I start play Peppa Pig), I think this time it’s time because after all we’re at the beginning and it’s too much to face this right now (you could leave the boss for later too, but I’ve preferred to do it now, because on top of that if you die your runes stay there and you have to come back whether you like it or not). But hey, if you want to spend it bare-chested, ole you.

The case, let’s go with the guide!


Location of the Demihuman Bosses

We will find Inhuman Chief in the Cueva del Litoral , a cave that we will find on the beach that we have to the West of Necrolimbo (the first Elden Ring map, come on). It is specifically in the southern area of ​​the beach, we will see a hole in what would be the mountain that is next to the beach and inside we will have a bonfire (now called Place of Grace, but it does not matter, they are bonfires and we always will be).

Be very careful in this area because it is very dark and you are going to strain your eyes trying to see something. Of course, it’s full of enemies that if they catch you off guard, they’ll make mincemeat out of you. His thing is that you use the fix since that way you can detect enemies in the dark. It is not very far-fetched anyway to get to the boss, especially considering that little trick of fixing.


We will start the battle with a Demihuman Boss surrounded by many small enemies that are weak but bothersome and after a short time (very little) another Demihuman Boss will join along with more friends to show us their hospitality.

The small enemies fall into nothing and are of questionable intelligence, but the Semi-human Bosses are another story: Fast, powerful, they move a lot and the worst thing… there are two of them and both have a lot of bad blood. Come on, if you are at the beginning of the adventure as I am right now you will see that this is practically impossible; you could spend half an hour dodging all the time and taking a silly hit at just the right time and with extreme care, but I think we all want to get further into the game and see what else it offers us, so we’re going to pull the invocation of NPC (who have put it there because they know that three towns have passed).

Once you die in this battle, which you will die, when you return a golden symbol will appear on the ground that will allow us to summon Ancient Knight Istvan , a very nice guy who will help us even things out a bit (because 10 vs 1 doesn’t It is very fair that we say). The best thing about him is that he has some kind of taunt mechanic (pulls enemies in, come on) and that will allow us to focus on killing a Demi-Boss in between him distracting the other and presumably the little guys.

Don’t trust yourself too much either, you’ll have to go quickly to dispatch one of the Demihuman Bosses because as long as they kill Ancient Knight Istvan before that we’ll be in the same situation. If you see him in a hurry, give him a cable by charging at some small enemy and hitting the other Demihuman Boss. And if for whatever reason both bosses chase you, stay very defensive and let the Knight be the one to hit (but you’ll see that it attracts them). This NPC is not very truthful, but he will act as bait, which is the key.


By defeating him we will obtain the following:

  • Needle  and  Tailoring Tools : Objects that will unlock the function of Modifying Garments in the bonfires. Basically for a cost of runes we can modify them to change their statistics a little.
  • After defeating him, instead of using the teleport to the entrance, continue through the nearby hole that you will find because you will reach an island where you will find the Church of the Dragonite Communion .

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