April 15, 2024


It is already a tradition in this blog to make a detailed post about the statistics or attributes of the games and of course Elden Ring was not going to be less.

As in all games where we have this mechanic, understanding it perfectly will help us to have a better performance in our games and therefore its understanding will be essential, and more so in games like Elden Ring that are very demanding.

For this reason, I will break down each of the game’s statistics here and I will tell you in detail the use that each of them has, let’s go there!


Let’s start with the Basic Attributes, which are the ones that we can increase as we level up. Remind you that the higher our level, the more runes it will cost us to increase these attributes and that the Attributes have a cap (normally it is a light one at 20 of said attribute and a more severe one at 40-50, I understand that in Elden Ring it continues to work like this, since I will confirm it when I know it 100%.

Also remember that it is a good idea for us to upload everything, you have to focus on something according to your character build (usually Strength, Dexterity , Intelligence or Faith depending on what you want to do damage with and always some Vigor; Stamina in characters that carry heavy equipment… Mind if you intend to do spells/abilities… typical).


The Vigor will increase our maximum health , it is highly recommended to leave it at least 20 points regardless of our character construction and for those on the front line who want to have good health, because obviously we will be interested in raising it more.

In addition, it also increases our resistance to fire and immunity (we will see below what these terms are that will emerge).


Mind increases CP (which would be mana) and this does not only concern characters that use spells since abilities also consume CP. It will also increase our concentration (as I said, I explain these rare terms below).


Stamina will increase our Resistance (which is stamina), Robustness (we see it below) and also how much equipment you can carry without losing agility (remember that your thing is not to exceed 50% charge to roll well, this is essential).


Strength increases the damage of weapons that scale with Strength , which tend to be heavy weapons. In Elden Ring (and in all Souls, it’s not a Souls, but it is a Souls, you know what I mean) how hard you hit will depend on how effective a weapon is for some attributes. If you go to Strength you will have to look for weapons that scale well with strength (you can see it in each weapon, there is a section with the statistics that will have letters S, A, B, C; the higher the better for that attribute).

It also increases your physical defense.


Dexterity increases the damage of weapons that scale with Dexterity , which tend to be lighter and faster than Force ones. It also reduces the cast time of spells, the fall damage and it will be more difficult to throw us when we are on horseback.


Intelligence increases the damage of Spells and weapons that scale through Intelligence and also our resistance to magic.


Increases the power of Enchantments and weapons that scale with Faith , which are light spells but are called enchantments.


Arcane increases your Discovery, Holy Defense, Vitality, and empowers some spells and enchantments.


Now let’s look at the base stats:


Health points, our life we ​​go, the red bar; little more to add.


Combat Points, to cast spells and abilities, blue bar.


Stamina, which allows us to run, somersault, block… the green bar.


Determines how much equipment weight (only of things that we have equipped, for the rest it is infinite) we can carry. Here what has already been said, make sure you do not exceed 50% of your Maximum Equipment Charge so as not to roll slowly.


Poise is our stun resistance against enemy hits, you know, when we get hit and our character staggers a bit, which leaves us exposed. The greater the poise, the more difficult it will be for us to stagger; in tanking builds it is essential.


It is what would be Luck, it increases the probability of obtaining objects from enemies.


Let’s now see the defensive attributes, they are very simple so we will investigate a little:

  • Physical : Resistance to physical blows.
  • VS Blow : Resistance to forceful physical blows (hammer blow for example).
  • VS Tajo : Resistance to sharp physical blows (sword strike).
  • VS Perf. : Resistance to piercing blows (spears or arrows).
  • Magic : Resistance to magic (the normal one is usually blue).
  • Fire : Resistance to fire.
  • Lightning : Lightning resistance.
  • Holy : Resistance to light attacks.


Those strange words that have been cropping up in some of the explanations are mostly Altered State resistances .


Increases resistance to poisons and pests.


Increases resistance to hemorrhage (bleeding) and also to freezing.


Increases resistance to ground and madness attacks.


Increases resistance to death. Yes, there are attacks capable of doing an instakill and this stat will reduce the chance of such an occurrence.

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