April 21, 2024


The Calabezu Lunatic (the name is cool because he wears like a pumpkin-shaped helmet and is a bit stubborn; he reminds me a bit of our buddy Siegmeyer, the onion knight, a big one) is a boss of the Elden Ring that at least compared to everything what I have faced in the Necrolimbo (first map of the game) is quite simple.

It’s still a boss and therefore it can kill you easily, it has powerful attacks (for a change) and is quite fast despite its size (although if we compare it in speed with others such as the Darriwil Hound Knight , that ‘s great this one, next to him is very slow).

Probably the most annoying thing about him is his headbutt attacks, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s go with the guide! By the way, if you are a Sorcerer ( Intelligence build ) you are VERY interested in this boss, keep reading.


Basement of the Ruins of the Post in Elden Ring

We will find the Calabezudo Lunatic in the Basement of the Posta Ruins , which is located in the ruins marked on the map where the peephole comes out (it cannot be lost, to the East of Agheel ‘s Pond ). In these ruins you will find the way down that will take you here. Be careful because you will find some very annoying plants that release poisonous spores; of course you should avoid the spores. The mark of the sword on the map is the location of the Great Axe .

You will also find one of these plants in a huge version; You will have to attack him little by little just when he finishes launching his spores (it takes a long time to stop launching them), when he finishes you attack him for a while until he launches them again and so on. Be careful because it also has a spell that casts like rays of light with which you will have to be careful.


As I said, it’s a pretty easy boss at least compared to what we have out there (if you’ve beaten bosses like Wild Sentinel or Night Cavalry, this one is easy).

It has various attacks in which it will hit us with a weapon that does not have a very crazy range for what we are used to, which are usually dodged quite easily. With the attack that we must be especially careful with is the one that gives a header .

The attack itself doesn’t have much range (it’s a header and it’s fine, but it still doesn’t have much range), the drawback is that it does it very quickly and if it catches you close it will cause great damage or if you’re blocking It will leave you exposed because it is a very forceful attack (it is better to block it than to eat it completely, that always). Also, if you dodge it you will have to move away a bit because the attack has an area of ​​effect, but if you don’t get hit completely the damage you receive is much less than if you eat it completely.


By defeating him we will obtain the following:

  • Sorceress Sellen : Behind a door that we will find by defeating him in the area. She is the NPC that will provide us with Spells in the Elden Ring. To obtain more we will have to deliver Scrolls of the Royal House.

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