April 21, 2024


The Tibial Boatman is a somewhat annoying Elden Ring boss because he summons the undead (which are a bummer) but is actually quite simple (we continue with the streak of simple bosses, I guess that’s what having the character is already much more op ).

You already know that the idea is to try to make the guide of each one of the bosses of the game, be it simple or not (which is also a bit relative to each one); which will be simple and whatever you want, but it is also true that he is a pretty cool boss.

It’s about an old man (I don’t really know if he’s an old man, but well, we’ll say he is) who goes in a canoe paddling his ball a bit; The funny thing is that he is sailing through a puddle that barely covers our feet, but hey, it’s supposed to be a magical ship or some weird thing like that, don’t ask. My theory is that he’s a nice guy but he’s afraid we’ll wreck his precious canoe.

The case, we go with the location of this boss and then with his guide.


Summoning Water Village in Elden Ring

Finding the Tibial Boatman has no loss, you will find him in Aldea de Aguainvocante (where he marks the photo, because the ruins are next to it). This area is to the East of Necrolimbo, almost reaching the red area.

He will be around the area sailing with his little boat, it’s not hard to see him because the truth is that the guy draws quite a lot of attention. This area has a few skeletons everywhere, it would be good if you clean the area a bit because the boss will move around and it’s not a good idea for too many enemies to join you in battle (although they are enemies a little meh, if they can get to bother during the battle).


As I mentioned at the beginning, the Tibial Boatman is a simple but somewhat annoying boss; his main mechanic is to teleport to some other area of ​​the place and start summoning skeletons to help him in battle. His thing is to hit him while he summons them, the thing is that he usually teleports you a little far and you won’t always have time to hit him well for him to stop.

If you summon the enemies you already know what you have to do, move away from the boss a bit, take care of the skeletons (remember that once they are dead you have to hit them so they don’t revive) and when you are alone against the boss then yes you can safely face him until he panics again and runs off to summon more of his friends.

For the rest little else; the boss has some annoying area attack and stuff, but they are all super predictable attacks and easy to dodge/block unless you go too hard in battle, which is generally not a good idea and I don’t recommend it.


By defeating him we will obtain the following:

  • Militia Skeleton Ashes : A Summoning Ash with which we will summon a couple of skeletons to help us, which is basically what the Tibial Boatman does in his battle. He makes me laugh because this boss has a similar strategy to some players (I summon things to you and I go out on foot).

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