April 21, 2024


The Old Hero of Zamor is one of those Elden Ring bosses that we find in the eternal prisons, and if you have already fought against any of these, such as the Knight of the Crucible, you will know that these bosses are usually somewhat complicated (except for Adan , who is a joke); although as always this is something relative to each one.

It is a fairly dexterous and agile enemy with its piece of scimitar that has the peculiarity of applying the frozen altered state very often. What does freezing do? Well, when the bar fills up we will take damage and for a while we will have a debuff that will increase the damage we take and also reduce our stamina recovery (the green bar); so it will be quite problematic if it manages to freeze us and it will be our number 1 priority to prevent this from happening.

Let’s first see its location in Elden Ring and below I show you the guide.


Necrohollow Cave

We will find Old Hero of Zamor in the Eternal Prison of Weeping , which is the eternal prison that we can find in the Weeping Peninsula (the area south of Necrolimbo, which is where we started); from Knight Hound Darriwil, then you continue below.

In the photo you can see the exact location (the gray circle, as always in the Eternal Prisons); As you can see, it is located a little to the Northeast of the Church of Márika in this area, it has no loss.


The first thing is what has already been mentioned about freezing , the boss has many attacks that apply it (no longer ice magic, even melee blows) and you must prevent it from freezing you; If you have the bar high enough, keep your distance for a while and dodge it so that it goes down and thus you have it under control.

At least it is not a boss that has a colossal life, so if you ride it well it can easily fall, although of course it will depend a lot on how well equipped and leveled you have your character. But hey, I’ll tell you as always the best loopholes I’ve found in his attacks (we’ll also talk about how to dodge some attacks):

  • Cold Breath : It will release a cold breath that has a long range that will apply constant freezing to us if we do not leave the frozen area and will cause us a little damage. This is the best time to hit him hard, just as he throws it you start running towards him (and to the side to get out of the frozen zone) and hit the boss hard from the side (Jump + Heavy Attack, or whatever powerful turn attack you have; I’m going to Strength Build with Guts’s Greatsword ).
  • Ice Area : Sometimes it seems that he is going to perform the Freezing Breath but instead he will make a sphere around him of ice, so whenever he does the ice attack movement it is ideal to always move away just in case.
  • Phase Shift : Around 50% health, the boss will sit still for a while and it’s an ideal time to land a few hits.

For the rest, you know, go dodging, blocking and others as usual. When he finishes a combo with his melee attacks you can always try to land a hit on him, it will depend on how nice the boss is because he won’t always stay still for you.


By defeating him we will obtain the following:

  • Scarred Mark of Radagon : Talisman that will increase our Vigor, Endurance, Strength and Dexterity attributes with the drawback that we will also receive more damage.

Well, the truth is that it would have been cool if he gave us a weapon that applies freezing, but nothing, life.

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