April 15, 2024


Ok, I’m going to try to do the Elden Ring guide on the Rotten Knight without ever writing his name wrong, but I’m not promising anything either because the thing has fabric and the more I think about it, the more it seems to me that that word is not spelled correctly that way.

The case… well, the truth is that this boss has disappointed me a bit because his appearance is quite handsome and I was expecting a more powerful creature. I already know that this is an enemy that is found as a basic enemy, but I don’t know, since this was a boss and those guys are pretty suckers, well, I expected a tougher battle, but nothing, life.

As always, I bring you his battle guide, which is not much to tell the truth because it is quite easy; and as always the location, which is more interesting because you may have overlooked it.


Aguaponzoña Cave in Elden Ring

We will find the Rotten Knight in the Aguaponzoña Cave , which is one of the first dungeons that we can find in Luirna, quite close to Godrick ‘s castle as you can see in the photo above.

Simply clarify that the dungeon as such is in the part where everything is flooded and be careful because on the way you will find a huge lobster that is very bad omen, I swear, it’s not a joke, Miyazaki god. When it comes to lobster, lobster, huge prawn… whatever that is, you better kill it on horseback.

And speaking of the dungeon itself, three things:

  1. It will usually be quite dark, so have your flashlight or torch handy.
  2. Do not get into the lower areas because they are full of poison and there are plants of those (such as Miranda the Wilted Flower ) that poison and are a real pain; there’s nothing there that’s relevant either, so pass.
  3. Assume that you are going to go poisoned to the boss no matter how hard you try, so nothing, to carry it.


The Rotten Knight has a very important weakness that we have already seen in other bosses such as the Leonine Bastard, which is that of having a fairly low stability . Come on, when you hit him with a strong blow, he is briefly stunned and therefore you can nail an entire combo without problems; This is something that makes things quite easy.

This boss has attacks that are powerful and have quite a range, the point is that dodging/blocking him and others is simple and if you add the issue of stability to that, then you are facing a fairly easy boss. Of course, the issue of poison is a real bummer, be very attentive to your life because if you get lost it will lower you too much and then be careful because if it catches you it kills you; come on, the real challenge is knowing how to control the poison, the boss is the least of it, just a guy who will take advantage of that handicap you have applied.


By defeating him we will obtain the following:

  • Badge with Winged Sword : Talisman that will increase our damage when making combos with our attacks, curiously it empowers us which makes this boss become quite weak.

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