April 21, 2024


Smarag, Dragon of Shining Stone , is a boss of the Elden Ring that, like every dragon in the game (at least until now), will pose a certain challenge, although the truth is that if you are careful at the end it is not a big deal, especially if you compared to a lot of other bosses that I think are a lot more difficult.

If you are here, it is most likely that you have already encountered Agheel and if not, I recommend that you take a look at the guide that I have linked to you because Smarag in the end is a combat more or less the same as the one we had with Agheel only a little more complicated to compensate also that in the area that we found it a priori we will already be at a more advanced level; and of course, the ideal would be that you defeat Agheel beforehand as a training; I said you have the guide linked a little higher in this paragraph.

But focusing on Smarag again, nothing, let’s go with his location and below the best way to defeat him easily.


Smarag location in Elden Ring

We will not find Smarag in the Temple District as such, but this is the grace closest to him. From there you will simply have to head north and you will find it. Lost doesn’t have to because after all he is a huge and stealthy Dragon he is not exactly.

In the photo you have the exact location, this area is Liurnia, which is the one north of Godrick ‘s castle . I have marked it with the peephole and also with a skull icon, as you can see, it is to the West of the Academy, which is that large elevated building (and very beautiful, it must be said) that we see in the area.


The same strategy that we used in Agheel will work for Smarag because in the end they are both a copy-paste and the only thing that really changes is that Smarag hits harder, has more health and his fire is blue . That since the topic of blue fire comes up, be very careful with it because this fire deletes in an incredible way; He did one shot kill to me with full life (at that time he had about 26 in Vigor), so avoid at all costs that he hits you with him or you will have a bad time.

For the rest, the same as what I already told you in Agheel’s guide:

  • The horse will be our best friend in this encounter, we will need its great mobility in order to avoid it and be able to hit it quickly and retreat quickly in the same way. In order to avoid his fire and others, it will also be very key, hand of a saint.
  • The strategy is typical of always; you wait for the turn attack to end (when it’s on the ground I say, eh), you quickly approach with your horse, you hit it and you run away. Like this to infinity, obviously it’s a bad idea to stay close to him for a long time, he’s a huge dragon.
  • When he flies, your only mission is to run and keep running to avoid him until he gets tired and returns to the ground. Run like there is no tomorrow, especially when he approaches you to make the attack with which he dives towards you from the air, don’t you see how he deletes that blow.

With these tips you will see how the battle is actually quite simple.


By defeating him we will obtain the following:

  • Dragon Heart : Object that we can exchange in the Church of the Dragonite Communion in exchange for quite handsome Enchantments .
  • Shining Stone Key of the Academy : The key that will allow us to access the Academy of Liurnia. It is not dropped by Smarag itself, but you will find it right where this dragon was sleeping guarding it (you have the exact location above). In this area we will find Rennala , one of the main bosses.

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