April 21, 2024


The Red Wolf of Radagon is a boss of the Elden Ring that is very reminiscent of our old friend Sif (for me one of the best bosses in Dark Souls for all the meaning behind his combat) since, after all, it is about again of a wolf that uses a sword with its mouth (although this one is like summoning it).

The boss is not too complicated, everything is said; although it is true that he is quite aggressive and in a mistake he can kill you. However, it is noted that at this point in the game our character is already more op (obviously this depends on each one, but if you are doing things well, it should be that way at least) and although it is true that he is quite powerful, it is also that it falls quickly and that helps to make things quite easy.

This is also the boss before Rennala , who is one of the main bosses of the Elden Ring.


Smarag location in Elden Ring

We will meet the Red Wolf of Radagon in the Academic Hall , which is the grace that is a little higher than where the yellow arrow marks me on the map above. It will be enough for you to enter the Academy from the South and advance until you reach this grace, it does not have much more.

If you haven’t unlocked the Academy entrance yet (there’s like a blue portal that asks for a key), then know that you have to defeat Smarag first, since he guards it. The green mark with a skull that you have in the photo above is the location of Smarag, in fact I have taken this photo from that post, where you will also find his guide if he is giving you problems.

Once you reach the grace of the Academic Classroom, you will be very close, keep going and it will not take long to find the typical boss fog door. Be careful because this area is plagued by some very, very annoying magicians ; I recommend that once you have located the fog (if the boss kills you and you have to go back), you run quickly to avoid the magicians damaging you, if you engage in a fight with them they will inevitably reduce your health and it is not a good idea to go to the boss with few vials.

By defeating the red wolf we will unlock a grace right in the combat area called Plenary Hall.


As I have already mentioned, he is a very aggressive boss. He does not stop hitting us quickly with his sword, he has combos, he is very agile and will move from side to side and even from time to time he will attack us with magic that we must dodge.

Here, nothing, the usual; keep dodging/blocking his blows, you already have to control the combat system at this point, so I will focus on telling you what for me is the best time to hit this boss more or less safely:

The best gap in his defense is without a doubt when he performs the jump attack , sometimes he does it singularly and others he will do it after a combo (which when it is after the combo is somewhat faster); this is the perfect time to hit him hard and get back on the defensive. If between you dodge you see another gap you know, you take advantage.

As I have already mentioned, his life is not too high and that will help us a lot so that this battle does not last; If the boss costs you too much, you can always go around the map to level up, because here the fact of doing more damage is quite noticeable.


By defeating him we will obtain the following:

  • Memory Stone : Obtaining it passively increases the mnemonic slots, which basically determines how many Spells / Enchantments we can equip simultaneously.

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