April 21, 2024


The Cariano Shimmering Blades Staff is an Elden Ring weapon designed for characters who go to Intelligence that the truth is that I do not recommend it too much, although well, you can really use the weapon you want in the game and have a good time… but if you What you are looking for is the best performance, there are much better clubs even in the early game.

In any case, we will analyze the weapon in depth and by the way I will recommend other canes that in my opinion are much better and that may interest you. Ale, having said that, let’s go with the analysis; below I will also tell you how you can get this cane, it’s okay that I’m not selling it very well, but in the end it’s cool to have more weapons under your belt, right?


These are his stats:

  • Sorcery level 1: 60.
  • Physical damage level 1: 22.
  • Weight: 2.5.
  • Critical: 100.
  • Protections:
    • Physical: 23.
    • magic 14.
    • Fire: 14.
    • Lightning: 14.
    • Sacred: 14.
    • Stability: 14.
  • Attribute Scaling:
    • Intelligence: c.
    • Strength: e
    • Dexterity: e
  • Necessary Attributes:
    • Intelligence 22.
    • Skill 12.
    • Strength: 6.
  • Passive: Powers Shining Blade Spells.

We are facing a staff oriented towards mage-style characters ( Intelligence Build and others) that has a C scaling in Intelligence, which is not bad as a starting point and of course we can improve it a bit by leveling up the weapon and also adding a resin with a magical affinity (Rogier provides us with some) .

Its requirements are not very high, practically from the beginning you will be able to take it with you, although it is true that it will take a little longer to find it (it is in Liurnia, I will tell you below). His Sorcery is quite low , yes, and therefore I do not recommend it; and less having the Meteorite Staff so accessible from the beginning, which is much better (and already in more advanced stages the Azur or the Lusat). Anyway, I’m telling you, these are the Spells that this cane powers:

  • Loretta’s Big Arch.
  • Carian Circle.
  • Circle of Broadswords.
  • Circle of Shining Blades.
  • Magical Shining Blade.
  • Retaliation of the Caria.

Although it enhances these spells (it is 15% more damage) other more powerful canes will continue to spread, such as those already mentioned or of course many others, of which there are many.


Causeway Watchtower in Elden Ring

You can find this cane in Liurnia, specifically in the eastern area of ​​that large puddle in the area. You have the exact location in the photo above, in a tower called ” Atalaya de la Calzada “.

Along the way you will find a lot of blue spirits that are actually quite weak, so they shouldn’t be a problem even if you go a little crazy. Of course, be careful because when you get close to the tower an enemy that looks the same as Sorceress Sellen (she is at the top of the tower) will start shooting Spells at you; Take cover inside the tower itself. You will find the weapon as such inside the tower in a chest, it is not hidden or anything like that, it has no loss.

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