April 21, 2024


The truth is that the Encrypted Dandpatta is an Elden Ring weapon that is far from what we usually see and that makes it very interesting, at least for those who have a Faith Build, which is what the weapon is oriented towards.

It is a weapon that does not do any physical damage, it only causes Holy damage, since it is a kind of mini-beam of sword light. It is a very fast weapon and it has the peculiarity that if we use two hands instead, what we will do is take out another sword of light in the other hand to be even faster with our attacks. Of course, it has a good scaling in Faith, more would be missing and… another very particular thing that I’ll save for the full analysis, that’s where we’re going.


These are his stats:

  • Level 1 Base Damage: 85 Holy.
  • Weight: 0.
  • Critical: 100.
  • Protections:
    • Physical: 9.
    • magic 14.
    • Fire: 14.
    • Lightning: 14.
    • Sacred: 61.
    • Stability: 19.
  • Attribute Scaling:
    • Faith: c
  • Necessary Attributes:
    • Faith 3rd.

Fairly low base damage, but don’t be fooled because in two-handed mode (which in this case is dual blade) he attacks very quickly making combos so in the end you end up doing good damage. Damage that will obviously only be decent if we have the Faith attribute as high as possible (which only does holy damage at the end) and of course it will also depend a lot on the level of the weapon to obtain an even higher Faith scaling, although already in the standard the thing is not bad at all.

Something also quite surprising that it has (what I mentioned in the intro) is that in addition to everything it is a weapon that does not weigh, its weight is zero , come on. That the truth is that it is a peculiarity that is quite cool since well, you know, it will be easier to shoot well and others; the weight at the end is something negative and the Encrypted Dandpatta literally weighs nothing.

You are going to need, yes, quite a lot of Faith to use it, specifically 30. But hey, it’s not really that much either and given the type of weapon it is, you end up interested in reaching 50 Faith to get the most out of the weapon. For the rest, little to add, it seems to me a weapon that is very beautiful and should be very interesting for a build of a kind of rogue that deals sacred damage or something like that (personally, I would prefer a weapon like the Golden Halberd or even the Winged Scythe if I want to go to Faith, but come on, it is still a very interesting weapon and the speed and particularities that it has, other weapons do not have and that gives it added value). Of course, since you are facing an enemy with a high resistance to holy damage, you are in serious trouble, friend.


We will get it in the area where we face Mad Tongue Alberich , one of those NPC red spirits that are usually quite tough. The truth is that this is quite complicated, it has quite a few magic attacks, it applies bleeding… so I recommend that you go when you’re of a somewhat high level (not crazy either, but I don’t know, after 40 maybe) so that the thing is more viable.

The case, which messes me up, you will find the Encrypted Dandpatta in this area, which is in the Table of Lost Grace. You have to go to that kind of internal terrace (where Rogier stands when you do his missions and others) from which you can see that below there is a fairly large area with a red carpet. Well, you should jump there (it looks easy because there are usually 80,000 bloodstains there because Alberich is quite a sucker if you go to the beginning of the game). You will find the boss at the end of this large room, but the weapon itself is in one of the rooms attached to it as a collectable item.

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