April 21, 2024


The Greatsword is a Colossal Sword of the Elden Ring oriented to Strength (or Quality) Builds that the truth is that I quite like it because it is the typical “light” Greatsword (the quotes because nothing light, but yes to be a Colossal Sword) for those who like this type of weapon but also don’t want an extremely heavy weapon.

Although without a doubt, the best thing about the Greatsword is that it has an incredibly long range (which is very long, come on), something that I think comes in handy in both PvE and PvP. In that sense, as for Colossal Swords, it would only be surpassed by very little (that I have seen so far and only by a few cm) the Greatsword of Guts , a weapon that must also be said to be much heavier; all weapons have their buts at the end.


These are his stats:

  • Base Damage level 1: 141 physical.
  • Weight: 15.5.
  • Critical: 100.
  • Protections:
    • Physical: 54.
    • magic 40
    • Fire: 40.
    • Lightning: 40.
    • Holy: 40.
    • Stability: 36.
  • Attribute Scaling:
    • Strength 😀
    • Dexterity: d
  • Necessary Attributes:
    • Force 19.
    • Skill 11.

The base physical damage is good as with all Colossal Swords, although in this category it is one of those with a lower base damage (but what has been said, which is still high), this is compensated by a “light” weight; that nothing light, 15.5 is fabric, but you understand me, in its category of weapon it is one of the lightest and that in the end shows in the sense that it will also hit something faster than other Colossal Swords such as the Greatsword of Grafted Leaf .

The scaling it has is normal, but at least it will improve through the Ash of War, which I recommend you put the one you want with heavy affinity to further increase its scaling in Strength.

Quite low requirements, so you can practically carry it at the beginning of the game; In that sense, I must say that for the beginning (and not just the beginning, in reality you could take it to the end) it is a tremendous weapon and a very good option in order to achieve it, which is also quite simple, now I will tell you below.

The best thing that it has besides what we have already mentioned is the tremendous range that it has , whoever uses this type of Broadsword knows how important that is and how great it is to give those horizontal slashes that hit everything in front of us. If you want a slightly lighter Greatsword that’s also okay, you’ve got the Claymore .


Necrohollow Cave

Do not pay attention to where the peephole marks in the photo because it is a recycled photo of Miranda la Flor Wilta ‘s post . You will find the Mandoble in the grace that you see in the lower left part of the image, in the « Cabin of the Solitary Trader » (the seller that we find everywhere).

We simply have to trade it, the Greatsword has it for sale for only 3,500 runes, which is not bad for how good the weapon is. If you don’t know what area this is, it’s the one south of Necrolimbo (where you start), the southernmost map, come on. Within that map you can see that it is west of the Golden Tree. Finding it is very easy, it is a cabin that can be seen with the naked eye.

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