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Elden Ring - Guide to all bosses of Mount Gelmir and Villa Vulcano

Elden Ring – Guide to all bosses of Mount Gelmir and Villa Vulcano

Elden Ring is a continuous challenge , and the icon of this genre of games is undoubtedly the killing of all the bosses present , and we are in the front row to offer you a complete guide that explains how to deal with them all in the best way. ! In this guide in particular, we will show you how to deal with and where to find all the bosses present on Mount Gelmir and Villa Vulcano in Elden Ring.

Before continuing, we thank  the Powerpyx portal  for making their demonstration videos available to the public. The tactics described in the text, however, are drawn from our gaming experiences, and will not always coincide with the videos, as these may only show one of the possible approaches. There will also be links with the fights we have carried out .

ATTENTION: we remind you that in this guide to the bosses you may receive spoilers about what awaits you in the areas of Mount Gelmir and Villa Vulcano of Elden Ring, so we invite you to proceed in the reading aware of this.

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The Bosses of Mount Gelmir

Follower from rot (1) and Follower from rot (2) – Medium (at level 75)

You will meet them as the boss of the Thermae Cavern , which is located at the foot of Mount Gelmir. These are enemies that you have probably already encountered normally while walking around Caelid, if you have explored it at least a little. The arena is not very big, but the space will be relative, since you will worry more about the poison on the ground : half of the arena will be submerged by the poisonous slime, and it will be almost impossible not to be intoxicated, so bring plenty of boluses to cure the poison .

These enemies must be faced by always trying to avoid the spikes that shoot at you, try to dodge towards them and then hit them. Also try to close the distances, as they will be very elusive. You will also have the opportunity to carry out critical attacks behind you, try to exploit them. Be careful not to get stuck on the walls or between two enemies, they will take little to get you out. If you are suffering too much from numerical inferiority, try summoning an ash.

If you kill them, you’ll get the Rotten Follower’s Jubilation Talisman and 10,000 runes .

Magma Dragon (2) – Medium (at level 75)

You will find it on Mount Gelmir , outside the Fort at the base of the mount, after passing the battlefield where the fire tanks collide with other enemies. There is also another enemy of this type on Mount Gelmir (or rather, at Villa Vulcano), but he is not considered a boss and will not be present in this Elden Ring guide.

This is a copy of the Magma Makar Dragon you encountered in Liurnia Lacustre , complete with a second phase standing. The good news is that, if you are used to fighting on horseback, you can fight him that way too, maybe walking away and making ampoules if you are short, and then go back to fight him (he’s a boss on the outside). The bad news is that it is next to a lake of magma, which combined with what it will produce, could squeeze you in a vice. Also pay attention to the various gradients and rocks on the battlefield, which could block you.

Fight this boss from a distance for an easier success, and in this case it is advisable to stay on horseback , taking advantage of the dodge and walking away at the appropriate time (you can summon a spirit to keep the dragon busy while you spam spells). If you fight melee , throw yourself headlong under him, but watch out for some annoying attacks like the sudden bludgeon that generates shockwave, and the charged sword when he is standing, which could take you out with one blow. If you want to play it even more safe, inflict altered statuses .

Defeat it and you will get a Dragon Heart and 18,000 runes .

Half-Human Queen Maggie – Easy (level 75 or higher)

You will find it on Mount Gelmir, after the Secluded Village , starting from the Grazia point of the Capanna dell’Artigiano .

It is a semi-human monster of large dimensions, which in any case will not be overly problematic. It uses stonecutter magic, so you can dodge its attacks in a simple way, same thing for the attacks it will make you close melee. The only attack capable of firing you, if you are weak to magic, is a short range magic attack, but with a very large rose (sawn-off style), so be careful.

Who will give you trouble are only the minions around her , or the stone-chipping sorcerers and a couple of little half-humans. Try to take out the sorcerers first (3 in total, scattered in the 3 corners of the arena), give a shot or two to the little ones to get them out of the way, since they will be the ones to engage with you, and then dedicate yourself to Maggie. Beware of magic attacks, you often get disgusted as you move to catch up with other wizards if you play melee. To keep Maggie and the wizards busy while doing this step, we recommend summoning ashes as usual .

By defeating it, you will get a Memory Stone and 13,000 runes .

Champion’s Red Wolf – Easy / Medium (at level 85)

You will find him at the Tomb of the Hero of Gelmir , on Mount Gelmir, after crossing the stone bridge as soon as you have defeated Maggie.

By now we have understood how to fight this type of boss, practically identical to the Red Wolf of Radagon that we fought in Raya Lucaria , and that we have met at least a couple of times around the world of Elden Ring, so he also returns to Gelmir with a few differences in driving. Same tactics, but with a larger arena and columns that can provide you with a little shelter from magical attacks. Clearly it will deal more damage and have a little more life than the previous ones, so be careful of the level you have when you get there.

If you defeat him, you will get the Ash of the Limiere Cavalier Floh and 21,000 runes .

Half-human queen Margot – Easy (at level 80)

A much simpler than average dungeon for the Monte Gelmir and Villa Vulcano area, and a very manageable boss whose guide would hardly be needed. You will find it in the Volcano Cave .

It is a being who seems to be mad , will attack by shouting, will jump, and so on. Like the other semi-humans who are big in stature, he will be able to move quickly, but his attacks are more than predictable, parable and dodgy. You won’t have any problems with builds of any kind, but you will have an advantage if you make use of melee attacks .

If you defeat it, you’ll get 11,000 runes and the Cannon Jar ranged weapon .

Adult Meteor Beast – Medium (at level 80 or higher)

It is located on the top of Mount Gelmir . This is a larger, enhanced version of the beast you fought in Caelid . The arena is very large this time, you can fight on horseback and you will have good room to maneuver.

This beast will often charge you with its horns, but will also try to harm you with hooked tails , gravity attacks , and a (very large) area gravity attack . She will do you a lot of damage, and she has a lot of life , so you have to be very careful.

If you play from distance with magic, you can embark on a battle of attrition , perhaps assisted by a summoning ash to act as a puppet, while if you are a hand-to-hand player you could take advantage of bleeding and altered status such as rot and poison. If you are patient and manage to avoid its attacks well, you will not have to run into exaggerated problems.

If you defeat it, you’ll get 21,000 runes , 1 Funeral Forging Stone [6] , 5 Forging Stones [6] , and the Meteor Beast Maw weapon as a rich reward .

Ulcerated Tree Spirit – Easy (at level 85 or higher)

You will find it on Mount Gelmir, start from Villa Vulcano and follow the road downwards, until you reach the minor Mother Tree , and let’s say that this type of enemy has already appeared in more than one Elden Ring guide.

The fight will be manageable in the freest of ways : it is a predictable boss, with attacks that are easy to dodge, and if you get above level 85 it won’t cause any particular trouble. In addition, the arena gives you a lot of room to maneuver, with the ability to escape on horseback, dodge, perform spells with long cast before it reaches you, summon ashes, and so on and so forth. Play as you know best and it will likely go down on the first try. Just try to pay attention to the various fires scattered around the area, which could annoy you.

If you kill him, you will get the Stiff Crystal Tear , the Hidden Crystal Tear and 18,000 runes as a reward .

The Bosses of Villa Vulcano

Raptor Virgin (wheel) and Raptor Virgin (swinging sickle) – Medium (level 70 and above)

You will find them on Mount Gelmir, inside Villa Vulcano , however to reach their area you will have to go through the Raya Lucaria academy , reach the giant elevator, get to the lowest point, and get killed captured by the Raptor Virgin . You will be teleported elsewhere, go along the road until you find a grace point, from which you will then proceed to the boss room. This is the first double boss featured in this Elden Ring guide dedicated to Mount Gelmir.

This is a very annoying fight, especially since facing two of these machines at the same time is very tedious and dangerous. If you are not at a decent level, it will take a few hits and a single “hug” to be defeated. Of course , if you have a magical build you can afford a more evasive maneuver , but remember that these cursed ones also have ranged and / or charging attacks. Try to hit them often without being too greedy, but above all make sure you get help from summons that keep at least one busy . The main advice is in fact to focus on only one of these lethal machines.

(TROPHY) Sacrifice Noble – Medium (at level 85 or higher)

You will find it inside Villa Vulcano, in the Temple of Eiglay. You will have to play the whole area, starting from the Church of the prison city , up to the place of the bossfight. ATTENTION: before entering, activate the mechanism to raise the bridge , so you can reach the grace point again and not make the whole way back.

The fight with this boss, if reached at the level that we have proposed, will be quite fair without too many little help like the ashes of summoning, but you will still have to be very careful with the build , and to avoid a couple of his attacks in particular. In any case, don’t be fooled by his appearance as he can attack you in various ways. His main attacks are carried out with the rapier , and can also reach a fair distance, especially in lunges. Apart from a couple more “surprise”, his shots will be rhythmic, and if you have melee builds you can use them to attack at every opening you create. But beware of physical attacks with the body, such as blows with the big belly , with the tail, or when it starts to roll overwhelming you! Finally, it also has magical attacks, which you can try to evade or block with the columns present.

The amount of life is considerable, but not exaggerated. Try to stay focused and hit him whenever you can, be it with magic or melee shots. Bleeding and altered status are always welcome.

If you defeat him, you will get the Weaver weapon from Styriderm , the Noble Presence sorcery and 33,000 runes . Behind him, on the altar, you can collect the Snake Amnio item , which you will need for Rya’s side quest.

(TROPHY and BOSS STORY) Serpent devouring gods and Rykard, lord of blasphemy – Medium

The most important boss of this Elden Ring guide to find in Gelmir. He is in Villa Vulcano , and you can find him in two ways: by completing all three missions for Lady Tanith (the last is the scarlet letter) by being teleported by her to the portal; or continue on the way from the Temple of Eiglay , passing through the upper floor and continuing up to a portal.

It is a boss that consists of two stages. In the first note, it will be the devouring Serpent of gods , who once defeated will transform and reveal Rykard . To deal with it, it is highly recommended to use the weapon that you will find as soon as you enter the boss area, that is the large spear “Snake Hunter” . It does not require special stats to be equipped, and above all it will inflict a lot of damage to the boss . The damage will be dealt through the weapon’s ability , so start the fight with both a good number of mana and healing ampoules.

The two phases will be very similar in concept, but different in the boss attacks. Attack with the skill when there are openings, and dodge in rhythm when the snake attacks you. When the boss becomes Rykard, pay close attention not only to the head, but also to the sword and the magical attacks he will throw at you.

If you defeat him, you’ll get Rykard’s Major Rune , Remembrance of the Blasphemer , and 130,000 runes .

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