April 21, 2024


Memories of the Forest is one of the first sets of artifacts from the Sumeru region that we can get in Genshin Impact and will be of vital importance to build Dendro Element characters.

This set will be the one that gives us an Elemental Bonus of Dendro with its two-piece set of artifacts as it happens with Crimson Witch in Flames , Heart of the Deep or Archaic Petra with their respective elements, therefore apart from carrying this complete set as well We will see combinations of two pieces of this with two pieces of Ancient Ritual of Nobility or some set with the same effect as Reminiscence of Purification or Echo of Sacrifice .

This set is more oriented to be equipped on a character whose role is Support DPS, since the most optimal thing is to equip it on a Dendro character that deals passive damage for a certain time (either with his Elemental or Ultimate Ability) to apply a drop in resistance to that element and then switch to the Main DPS of the same element to allow him to deal more damage for the duration of the set’s effect (also the damage of our Support skills will benefit from this drop in resistances).

In this way we can allow the Main DPS to run a set with which he can do more damage, as for example Tighnari with Wanderer’s Orchestra (which is a set that fits him perfectly). Although these compositions are certainly aimed at having two Dendro characters in the team, if we only have one Dendro character in the party, then we will probably have to equip this set.

So we’re going to have to pull a lot from this set for a lot of characters that belong to this element, so we’re going to take a deep dive into it.


At the moment the location of this domain is unknown, as soon as it is available this section will be updated.

These would be all the pieces of the set:

  • Flower : Visitor to the Labyrinth.
  • Feather : Sage of the Wilds.
  • Clock : Demise of Wisdom.
  • Chalice : Lamp of Exile.
  • Crown : Laureal Crown.


Let’s see what effects this set gives us:

  • 2 Pieces : +15% Dendro Damage Bonus.
  • 4 Pieces : Hitting an enemy with an Elemental or Ultimate Skill lowers their Dendro Damage resistance by 30% for 8 seconds; said resistance drop can be activated even if the character is dealing damage with one of his abilities, even if he is no longer present on the battlefield.

Reading this it’s impossible not to remember the Emerald Green Sombra artifact set , so let’s compare them a bit.

Honestly, it seems inferior in several ways if we compare it with Emerald Green Shadow, since this one allows us to lower the resistance to four different elements while this set will only lower the resistance to Dendro, that is why it is not as versatile nor does it give us as many options when making teams like the other set.

Memories of the Forest lowers the resistance to Dendro by 30% for 8 seconds, while Emerald Green Shadow lowers the resistances by 40% and for 10 seconds and also increases the damage of the Whirlwinds by 60%, there is no point of comparison.

The positive thing about Memories of the Forest is that it allows us to lower the resistance of its respective element while green shadow cannot do it and it also allows us to perform these by executing abilities instead of executing Elemental Reactions for it.


Well, generally the best candidates for this set will be characters with the role of Support DPS with skills that have a long duration in the field to be able to prolong the drop in resistances as long as possible.

Collei is one of the possible candidates for this set, the only thing you will need is a character of another element that generates continuous passive damage like Fischl , Yae or Kokomi so that his Ultimate Ability is extended when creating Elemental Reactions and can lower the resistance to Dendro for longer (since his ult only lasts 6 seconds without reacting).

We’re taking advantage of the Elemental Damage Bonus to deal a bit more damage with Collei’s skill set and with the four-piece effect we can support a Dendro DPS to deal more damage to enemies while Collei lowers Dendro’s resistance. .

Traveler Dendro in Genshin Impact

In the case of the Dendro Traveler this set will work in the same way as with Collei, we will increase the damage of her Skills thanks to the Dendro Damage Bonus of the two pieces and we will increase the damage caused by another Dendro Main DPS by lowering the resistance to said element by through the Traveler’s abilities.

Only in this role the Traveler will be much more useful than Collei, since his ulti lasts twice as long without having to create Elemental Reactions to increase its duration and he also has an Elemental Ability with very little cooldown, making him superior in your role as applicator.

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