April 15, 2024


The Reduvia is one of those Elden Ring weapons that can be obtained practically at the beginning of the game and that is a very good option for the beginning of our adventure and even for later too, especially if you are looking for the typical super fast combat style that They provide us with weapons like daggers.

It is a very fast and deadly weapon (low damage, but attacks very fast), which applies bleeding and has a fairly decent attribute scaling; although it must be said that one of them is Arcane and it seems to me a bit of a meh attribute. In addition, this weapon has its own Ash of War, but let’s not rush things, now I’ll explain everything in detail, let’s go there!


These are his stats:

  • Base Damage level 1: 79 physical.
  • Weight: 2.5.
  • Critical: 110.
  • Protections:
    • Physical: 38.
    • magic 22.
    • Fire: 22.
    • Lightning: 22.
    • Sacred: 22.
    • Stability: 16.
  • Attribute Scaling:
    • Strength: e
    • Dexterity: d
    • Arcane 😀
  • Necessary Attributes:
    • Force 5.
    • Skill 13.
    • Arcane 13.
  • Ashes of War: Reduvian Bloodblade .

From the outset we see that the Reduvia does not have a very high base damage, but this is obviously to compensate for its high attack speed , which is what really makes this weapon shine and deal a lot of damage. We will not hit big numbers, but we will hit many hits and the sum of them is noticeable. And let’s not forget that we also apply bleeding, not much, but since we hit very fast, it does end up being a significant amount.

Its scaling of attributes is fine, although what has been said, that one of the attributes with which it scales is Arcane, the truth is that I do not like it very much, but there are some weapons that go like that. At least we still keep in mind the Dexterity with a D and the Strength with an E (which will hardly be noticed, but less gives a stone).

Its weight is very low and therefore it is ideal for characters who want to go light, something that is very important in Elden Ring to roll well (their thing is not to exceed 70% of the maximum load to be able to roll well); Especially in light classes. Its requirements are also very low and therefore it will be very easy to use it efficiently.

Regarding protections and stability they are lousy, but… does anyone want to use a damn dagger to block attacks? I do not think so. And speaking of weapon failures, obviously we cannot ignore the fact that it has a very short range and that is something that is always very noticeable in combat and can complicate things for us.

To finish with the analysis we must talk about his own Ash of War (of course, that implies that we will not be able to apply one of ours). Luckily it is an Ash of War that is very good, when using it (L2 with two hands) we will launch a kind of red waves that cause a lot of bleeding and have a medium range. We can spam the attack as long as we have mana and it’s really cool.

If you are looking for a fast weapon but with more damage (not so fast, yes), I recommend that you take a look at the Uchigatana ; and if you’re looking for sheer power without much regard for speed and going for Dexterity, then I’d recommend the Hound Fang . This does not mean that I consider Reduvia bad, on the contrary, it is so that you see more options that are also good.


Agualóbrega Cave in Elden Ring

We can get the Reduvia in that river that runs north from Agheel ‘s Pool . Ignore the peephole in the photo above because it’s a recycled photo from another post to show you where this weapon is.

The case, that in that river, more or less in what would be the part under the bridge where we find the Night Cavalry at night, an enemy NPC called « Bloody Finger Nerijus » will appear, who of course will carry the Reduvia with him and that by defeating him we will obtain it. As you can see on the map, from Cueva de Agualóbrega (I recommend you visit it), you would simply have to go down.

The enemy as such is not even complicated, on top of that a buddy will come to help us in the middle of the fight (or at least that happened to me). So come on, a very decent weapon and we can get it in the first hour of the game without problems, so great.

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