April 16, 2024
How to easily get more than 70,000 runes in Elden Ring without taking damage

How to easily get more than 70,000 runes in Elden Ring without taking damage

The world of Elden Ring is huge, terribly huge, a gift for all of us who like this genre. That is why it would not surprise me at all if for months and even years we are discovering the most interesting secrets and tricks. Today I come to tell you something that I discovered by chance and that I show you through a YouTube channel , quite interesting, that I just found.

Do you want to get more than 70,000 runes, kill a boss and also not take damage in the whole process? Well, pay attention because it is very simple, you can follow the steps that the video tells us or the ones that I tell you below.

How to easily get a rune madness

  1. You have to go to the third Church of Márika.
  2. If once there we go up to the north we will see that there is a lake, in that same length there is a portal.
  3. Crossing it we will go to an advanced area at our level.
  4. Here I do recommend you follow the route that you can see in the video that I have inserted.
  5. Once there, it is as simple as hitting the boss’s tail and having a lot of patience, because it is possible that we will be there for a good 10 minutes hitting.

What do you think? For my part, I was able to complete it without any problem in 7-8 minutes , so it was worth it, since fighting this boss in “normal” mode is absolutely crazy. So we killed two birds with one stone.

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