April 21, 2024


Welcome to our  Elden Ring guide ! The From Software  title takes us this time to the Middle Lands , where we will embody an avatar that will have to face hundreds of dangers  that will lead to death on more than one occasion during this adventure in an open world . 

Under this same idea, we must bear in mind that Elden Ring  will lead us to face all kinds of dangers, evils and, above all, bosses , which may either be mandatory to defeat during the main story  in order to see the titles of credits or they will be scattered around the gigantic map  as optional bosses . 

For all this, so that you do not have great difficulties when facing these enemies of Elden Ring , you can consult in our Elden Ring guide  everything you need to be able to defeat them in this adventure available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One , Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC : 


Surely many of you will be interested in knowing what you have to do to  unlock the different endings of Elden Ring , thus giving rise to each one having a specific method to get out. Therefore, you can see what to do next: 

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Mandatory Bosses

As its name indicates, they are those bosses that you will have to defeat yes or yes  in the event that you seek to see the credits of Elden Ring . To do this, we will talk about the best builds  to be able to have a combat that, despite being difficult, is somewhat more accessible. So read on to find out how to defeat the Elden Ring bosses :

All Mandatory Bosses

1.  Margit, the Fallen Omen

2.  Godrick the grafted

3. Ancient Spirit

4. Leonine bastard .

5. Red Wolf of Radagon .

6. Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon .

7. Royal Guard Loretta .

8. Makar Magma Dragon .

9. Radahn, Scourge of the Stars .

10. Mimetic tear .

11. Majestic Ancestral Spirit .

12. Gritty Gargoyles .

13. Astel, Inborn of the Void .

14. Nokstella’s Draconic Soldier .

15. Elemer of the Bramble.

16. Noble sacroderm.

17. Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy.

18. Godfrey, first lord of the Circle.

19. Morgott, King of Omens.

20. Mohg, the Omen.

21. Commander Niall.

22. Mohg, Lord of Blood.

23. Loretta, Sentinel of the Hieratic Tree.

24. Malenia, the Sword of Miquella.

25. Fortissax Lich Dragon.

26. Fire giant.

27. Duo sacroderm.

28. Dragon Lord Placidusax.

29. Maliketh, the Black Blade.

30. Godfrey and Hoarah Loux.

31. Beast of the Circle.

32. Radagon of the Golden Order.

Elden Ring

Optional Bosses

It must be said that not only will we have to face the mandatory bosses  to complete the main story, but Elden Ring  also has a wide catalog of optional bosses  that are even more difficult to beat than the others. That is why if you want to know the best strategies  to defeat them, all you have to do is continue reading:

All Optional Bosses

Adam, the Thief of Fire.

Adula, dragon of shining stone.

Ancestor of Rot.

Ancient dragon Lansseax.

Apostle sacroderm.

Assassin of the Black Knives.

Omen Killer.

Killer of omens and Miranda, the withered flower.

Astel, the dark star.

Avatar of the Golden Tree.

Rotten avatar.

Bird of the funeral ritual.

tibial boatman

Flaky bastard.

Adult beast of the shooting star.

Bols, Carian knight.

Boreal, the freezing fog.

night cavalry

Crucible Knight.

Silurian Crucible Knight.

Knight of the Ordovis Crucible.

Rotten knight.

Hound gentleman.

Hound Knight Darriwil.

Vyke Knight of the Round Table.

Fia Champion.

Summoning Conch.


Sphere hunter.

wild sentinel

Wild Draconic Sentinel.

Commander O’Neil.


Magma Dragon.

Agheel flying dragon.

Greyll flying dragon.

Greyoll ancient dragon.

Tomb Guardian Duelist.

Rotten Gravekeeper Duelist.

Edgar, Priest of the Blood.

Ekzykes, the decadent.

Ulcerated Tree Spirit.

Faithful of the Black Blade.

Gilika, the demihuman queen.

Godofrey, the Grafted.

Guardian golem.

Great magma dragon Theodorix.

Bastard Warrior and Knight of the Crucible.

Warriors of Nox.

Farum Azula’s beastman.

Demihuman boss.

Lost mimetic tear.

Pumpkin Lunatic.

Necromancer Garris.

runic bear

bastard paladin

Perfumer Tricia and Bastard Warrior.

Funeral guardian dog of the Golden Tree.

Regal Reborn.

Alabaster Lord.

Onyx Lord.

Sir Gideon Ofnir, the All-Knowing.

Smarg, dragon of shining stone.

Cemetery shadow.

Stone Digger Troll.

grafted stem.

Old hero of Zamor.

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