April 15, 2024


The Omen Killer is a boss of the Elden Ring , not too complicated, but he is somewhat annoying and could give us the occasional problem, although this is due more to the couple of friends he has than to himself, which does not mean that As a boss, he’s still a pretty powerful guy.

Offensively it is a bad beast both for its physical attacks and for its fire attacks, which are quite annoying; the reason that makes this battle a lot easier is something that happens in many other bosses and it is that this one does not have an excessive amount of life and is also quite prone to being stunned when we attack with powerful blows, which will give us the opportunity to hit some good combos without problems when we hook him well.

The case, that I bring you as always his location and below a guide with useful tips in order to defeat him.


Village of the Albinaurs in Elden Ring

We will find the Assassin of Omens near the Village of the Albináuricos , which is an area that we will find in the Southwest of Liurnia. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that the map as such does not fit since we will not be at the top, but rather at the bottom of said area. You will access this area from the pantanal area, by water we go, you go there with the horse and you will end up finding a village.

As a point of reference, which cannot be seen in the photo, you have the Rennala Academy in the Northeast.

The case, once you reach the grace in question, which is not difficult to find at all, from there you will have to go up the path to continue on a suspension bridge where you will find a few rare enemies that are like “people » that crawl along the ground. If you continue you will reach the boss in question, in an area where there is a bonfire.


From the outset, comment that a couple of those annoying little dogs will join the battle and your thing would be for you to manage to get rid of them quickly since they will be a huge nuisance in battle; After all, they are very fast, they do a lot of silly damage, there are two of them, and also, they can mislead you from the real threat, which is the boss himself.

As soon as you kill them (try to hurry up and get away from the boss, they are faster than him, you will be alone with them for a while if you run away) then you should focus on the boss. He has quite powerful physical combos, which as always his thing is to dodge / block and when he finishes a combo hit him a few times; that as we have already mentioned, his thing is that you hit with strong blows in order to stun him and be able to continue attacking until you can’t anymore, at which point you must withdraw.

You’ll have to be careful since it will fire very often, it’s easy to dodge, but be careful because since you’re in an area with a lot of grass, it will set it on fire and you’ll have to be careful not to step on the fire; stay away from these areas. Of course the fire won’t do anything to him, so you don’t get anything for staying in a burning area.


Well, the truth is that by defeating him as such, since he is not going to give us anything beyond a few runes, this boss is a bit stale in that sense. What is certain is that nearby we will find a Runic Bow and also in the area (this in another place, but in the same area) the Crystal Sword .

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