April 21, 2024


The Crystal Sword is an Elden Ring weapon primarily geared towards characters going for magic damage (Intelligence) and wanting a light melee weapon.

The truth is that it is not the best of weapons, I would not say that it is bad because I think that each weapon has its own, but I do think that it does not stand out too much in any aspect except that it is quite light and therefore I think it is overshadowed by other weapons of a similar nature. In fact the Cariano Knight Sword is similar but in my opinion a little better, so in any case I would recommend that one.

Anyway, let’s see the in-depth analysis and remember that below you will also have its location either because you want to get it because it has caught your attention or because you want to get all the Elden Ring weapons.


These are his stats:

  • Physical Damage level 1: 106.
  • Magic Damage level 1: 68.
  • Weight: 4.5.
  • Critical: 100.
  • Protections:
    • Physical: 44.
    • Magic 44.
    • Fire: 30.
    • Lightning: 30.
    • Holy: 30.
    • Stability: 33.
  • Attribute Scaling:
    • Intelligence 😀
    • Strength 😀
    • Dexterity: e
  • Necessary Attributes:
    • Intelligence 15.
    • Force 13.
    • Dexterity 10.
  • War Ash: Whirling Slash.

Let’s start by noting that his physical damage, unsurprisingly, isn’t too high; but it makes up for it with the added magic damage, especially for those going Intelligence. Physical damage will obviously increase with Strength scaling, but it’s not a weapon I’d recommend for a more Intelligence Build than what the weapon is aimed at (and Strength and Intelligence Builds have better weapons).

Scaling is average on Intelligence and Strength and pretty bad on Dexterity. It’s fine unless you have 3 scalings, but the truth is that in the end what pays is to have at least one in C at level 1. At higher weapon levels they always improve, but if you start with better scaling, well, better, Sure.

Regarding its use, moveset and others; it’s fine, no more; it doesn’t stand out at all. It weighs little, yes, which is always nice in Intelligence classes. And facing the Ash of War itself, it has a rotary slash that is quite cool but it is not a great thing either.

I would only recommend it for the typical Wizard who is just starting out and wants the typical melee weapon to hit with magic and so far hasn’t got anything better. I wouldn’t say it’s a bad weapon, just that there are better ones. In fact, the issue that it has its own Ash of War in this case is counterproductive because it is not a very profitable Ash and we are losing the possibility of adding another more interesting one that could benefit us with magical affinity to further increase Intelligence scaling, which It is what the weapon lacks to shine a little more.


Village of the Albinaurs in Elden Ring

We will find the Crystal Sword near the grace of Aldea de los Albináuricos , an area that you have the Southwest of Liurnia. Anyway, don’t lie to the map, because we really are below this area. Come on, you will access there from the swamp.

Once you locate grace, you simply go through the suspension bridge that you will have next to it. When you cross it you will find a corpse with the weapon in the area, the truth is not very hidden, attached to a cliff, you will see it 100% sure.

Since you’re in the area, so you know that we have the Omen Killer boss very close , I’ll link the guide here.

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