April 14, 2024


The Gravekeeper Duelist is a boss of the Elden Ring that is not really too complicated, but come on, it is not as exaggerated as the Black Knife Assassin , what a joke of a boss.

It is about a warrior who as soon as we enter his room will take off a kind of cape that covers him and after that we will see that he is a guy without a shirt with two huge hammers and quite bad blood. The truth is that when the cape is removed it is quite epic and I expected something more from him.

He is the typical boss that does not let us breathe too much because he attacks a lot, although they are quite predictable attacks and not too fast, so it is not a big deal either. His reward is pretty good, but hey, I’m not getting involved anymore, let’s get down to business.


Catacombs of Agualóbrega in Elden Ring

The location of the boss is quite simple, it is located in the Catacombs of Agualóbrega , which in the photo above you can see exactly where it is (it is by the river, not above).

It is in that river that goes north from the Pond of Agheel , there is not much mystery about it, it will be enough to go through it. Further down you will also find the Cueva de Agualóbrega, a place that I recommend you go if you have not been, I do not want to spoil you, but go (and investigate well). 

The Catacombs are really annoying, we have a lot of those little gargoyles that tend to hide, ambush us and cause us to bleed; so be very careful. Also, watch very carefully where you step because there are some traps (the typical weight levers on the ground) that activate fire arrows, which we can use to our advantage to defeat the mini-gargoyles. For the rest there is not much to say, we will have to look for a lever that is not hidden at all and with it we will open the door of the boss.


It is not a complicated boss at all, it is almost all the time following the same pattern. He will come up to us and begin to strike, and another, and another, and another; that of course we must dodge / block / move away, as you see.

At the end of the streak of hits, he can start another one or make a stronger attack with which you must be very careful. The thing is that it takes a long time to launch it so we can take advantage of it to attack it (also just when the hitting streak ends). He does not have much stability , so it will be easy to stun him and we will be able to continue attacking him for a long time as long as our stamina allows us.

In addition to this, he also has a jump attack, not very complicated to dodge, it is one of the things he usually does when his hitting streak ends, but if we attack him (I like to start attacking with jump + strong attack) we will stun and cancel his attack (I don’t know if it will work with a basic attack) to later continue lynching him. The last attack to take into account is one with which he strikes forward with the hammer that has quite a range, which is the only thing that can catch us by surprise, but it does not do too much damage either.

By the way, despite using tremendous hammers, it does not lower our stability too much when attacking us and a decent shield (100 physical protection) tanks it quite well.


By defeating him we will obtain the following:

  • Ashes of Outlaw Knight Engvall : Summoning ashes with which we will summon a knight that looks a bit like the Guardian of the Tombs but with armor and such.

It used to drop Warhammer , but that has been changed in an update.

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