April 21, 2024
Elden Ring: How to find the Albináuric Mask, the most ridiculous in the entire game

Elden Ring: How to find the Albináuric Mask, the most ridiculous in the entire game

In Elden Ring there are all kinds of masks and helmets hidden throughout the world. And one of the funniest is this, the Albináuric Mask. Surely if you have taken a tour of the ruins near the Academy of Raya Lucaria you will have encountered the Albinauricos, these bulging-eyed and white-skinned enemies.

His face is so strange and curious that it has given for a thousand memes. FromSoftware knew that this would happen, and that is why it has allowed us to impersonate one of these beings thanks to this Albináuric Mask. Do you also want to know how you can get it? Well, pay attention to the following lines!

albinauric mask

Become the friendliest enemy in the Midlands

The first step in getting the Albinauric Mask is to reach the Volcano Mansion , located in the center of Mount Gelmir. This is a fairly advanced area of ​​the map, but it ‘s still possible to get here relatively quickly if you drop into the depths of Raya Lucaria’s Academy and let this enemy gobble you up. This is how you will end up reaching the depths of the Volcano Mansion:

The next step will be to enter the Volcano Mansion and find a way to access this dungeon. To do this, all we have to do is talk to Tanith, and join the cause of the Volcano Mansion. This way we will get a key with which we can open a room in this Mansion in which there is a secret passage that will take us inside the dungeon:

The next and final step will be to reach the westernmost building in this dungeon. To do this we will only have to cross a kind of neighborhood full of enemies and a bridge that is completely clear. Upon reaching the building located in the westernmost part of this dungeon, we must look for some stairs on the right hand side and go up to the roof. From here we must go to the bottom and drop to the right. The last thing will be to get the Albinauric Mask and live to tell about it:

It is done! Now you no longer have an excuse to become a true albinaur with this mask! Did you already know the existence of this mask? And what do you think of albinaurics? For me they are the best enemies in all of Elden Ring!

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