April 21, 2024


Miranda, the Withered Flower , is a boss of the Elden Ring that you have surely already seen in some other area. It is one of those huge pink flowers that release poison and are quite annoying because they have a considerable amount of life.

I actually find it funny the fact that I think I have faced some of these flowers that are not boss around the world and I would tell you that this is not the most powerful of them all, but hey, life. The boss is extremely simple unless you launch into the attack without being careful, the same thing you do to defeat him in his normal enemy version, is what you will have to do here, it does not change anything in itself.


Necrohollow Cave

In the photo above you have the location of the dungeon where we will meet Miranda the Wilted Flower ( Cave of the Necrohollow ), there is not much mystery about it, you just go there. This is the southernmost area of ​​the entire Elden Ring map. As you can see, it’s very close to Eternal Prison on said map, a bit south from there.

Once inside the dungeon keep in mind two things:

  1. There are quite dark areas so have your flashlight or torch handy.
  2. You are going to poison yourself yes or yes because the ground is poisonous, also the enemies, so be prepared for it.

The truth is that I shot as if nothing happened, the poison does not remove much damage and it goes very slowly, so I was healing myself when it was necessary and that’s it. Don’t get soggy either, because little by little the damage we receive is noticeable and be careful because as long as your life is low due to the poison and they hit you, you already know what will happen (it’s easy to get soggy with life for being a damage so low and passive, be very attentive to it that if you get too confused it will have lowered you a lot).


Miranda as such will be static, but her companions the miniflowers will not; his thing would be that you first charge the small flowers, which is the most annoying part of the encounter; these will release poisonous spores, so be careful and get rid of them as fast as you can or they will complicate things a lot.

It’s almost impossible not to end up poisoned (if you’re not already when you enter), but it’s a damage you can take without problems , so don’t worry too much about it. Once you defeat the miniflowers, just keep in mind these 2 Miranda attacks:

  • Toxic Cloud: It will launch spores, almost the best thing is that you are poisoned, it is simpler. You avoid dodging spores and the damage you take is very low.
  • Light Attack: The most dangerous attack, they will fall like pillars of light around you; when it does you’ll have to walk away, it’s the only time you really have to be careful. Be careful not to catch your life low by the poison.

For the rest, it’s just hitting him, Miranda doesn’t have physical attacks, he just does that and except when he starts launching his light attack, you can hit him without problems. But what has been said, be careful with the damage that the poison is causing you.


By defeating him we will obtain the following:

  • Viridian Amber Medallion : A Talisman that will increase the maximum Stamina (the green bar).

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