April 21, 2024


The Grafted Blade Greatsword is an Elden Ring weapon very oriented towards characters who build their character with Strength, the truth is that it is very worth taking into account even in the endgame because it is very good.

It has very good damage, decent scaling and also has one of those Ashes of War of its own which is pretty cool because it will apply a buff to all our stats. I think it’s a great weapon and without a doubt one of the best Force weapons in the game, but I think Guts’s Greatsword is still second to none, although I consider them to be on a more or less similar level.

In this post, as always, we will see in depth what this weapon can bring us and I will also explain how you can get it in case you are interested and for whatever reason you do not have it (which is normal, Elden Ring has too many things to do).


These are his stats:

  • Base Damage level 1: 157 physical.
  • Weight: 21.
  • Critical: 100.
  • Protections:
    • Physical: 64.
    • Magic 48.
    • Fire: 48.
    • Lightning: 48.
    • Holy: 48.
    • Stability: 44.
  • Attribute Scaling:
    • Strength: c
    • Dexterity: e
  • Necessary Attributes:
    • Strength 40.
    • Skill 14.
  • Ashes of Own War: Oath of Vengeance.

As I have already mentioned, it has good damage and a good scaling, C in Strength is not bad at all from the start and although it is true that we cannot put a heavy affinity on it since it already has its own Ash of War, that does not mean that It will continue to improve its damage more as you level it up.

We have already discussed the issue of the Ash of War, it is very good because it is a buff to our attributes that is something that never hurts and is appreciated. Regarding weight, well, 21 frankly is a lot, but in that sense it comes out ahead of my beloved Greatsword of Guts, which weighs 23. Anyway, the idea in Strength Builds is to also increase Stamina to be able to carry heavy equipment , so good, it is what it touches; also remember to put on the Talismans that allow us to carry more equipment on top without rolling slowly.

And let’s move on to what may hold back those who aren’t quite high level yet, his 40 Strength requirement . Obviously it’s a pretty high requirement, but hey, anyway, in any Strength build I recommend having a minimum of 40 Strength or better than 50, it’s quite a lot, but it’s what you aspire to in this type of Builds. My recommendation is that in these types of builds you focus first and foremost on Strength (don’t leave Life and Stamina too much to one side… right now I’m going with 40 Strength, 22 Vigor and 22 Stamina). But nothing, what I said, that you will eventually reach that Strength, it will take a few hours, yes, but it is your basic goal of Strength no matter what weapon you carry at the end (in Strength Builds, of course).


Morne Castle in the Elden Ring

The Grafted Blade Greatsword is a fairly simple weapon to get that you can get it almost at the beginning of the game. Let’s see, as such, you can do it… but don’t kill yourself too much either, after all you need 40 Strength to use it and you won’t have that until you put a few hours of play into Elden Ring.

The case is the reward that the Leonine Bastard gives us, that the truth is that it is a fairly simple boss and therefore it should not give you too many problems even if you go to a relatively low level (although I insist that you do not go so soon, you see when have 40 Strength anyway if you want it).

It is located in the castle of Morne in the southernmost part, I leave you here a link to the Leonine Bastard guide , where I have given more details of its location and others.

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