April 16, 2024


The Leonine Bastard is a somewhat hidden boss of Elden Ring that at first looks a bit bad but in the end it turns out to be a fairly simple boss, it is more difficult to reach him than to defeat him, in fact you will probably kill him at first.

He is the typical boss with quite fast and agile attacks, but at the same time he is quite predictable and has a great weakness that we will mention in the section on how to defeat him. In addition to this, he is very interesting for Broadsword users as he will give us a very interesting one as a reward; although for the moment I’m still keeping my Greatsword of Guts .

The case, we go first with his location and after that the guide to defeat him, although I don’t think you need a guide to beat him.


Morne Castle in the Elden Ring

We will meet the Leonine Bastard in the Castle of Morne, the closest grace to this boss (apart from the one you unlock by killing him) is the one called « Patio de los Reos» , which is in the southernmost part of the area (from there then further south still, as far south as you can go).

Morne Castle as such you will find in the southernmost part of the map, it has no mystery. To get to the grace in question we will have to go through the castle and go south, we will find a grace that is outside the wall at a certain point and from there we will have to go down where we can. There is a moment when we reach a kind of large bridge, we will have to jump to a kind of dome that we will find further down, otherwise there is not much mystery to get there, but be careful.


As I have already mentioned, Leonine Bastard is a very simple boss and therefore will not require a very complex guide. It will be enough for you to apply what you have learned so far, you know, that you go dodging, blocking, attacking when you see a gap in his defense and that kind of thing; I know it sounds basic, but you don’t have to take much more into account in this boss, you’ll see how easy it falls when you do it and if he has killed you at some point it will be because he caught you down that day or something.

Ah, I almost forgot, its weakness, what I mentioned at the beginning of the post; that with this I already tell you that you load it yes or yes. It turns out that this boss has very little stability (he is easily stunned by the blows, you hit him and he backs down, typical) and therefore it will be very easy to nail an entire combo. It will depend on how heavy his weapon is, everything is to try with yours to see if you stun him or not with your blows (it is not the same to go with the Great Executioner Ax than with the Uchigatana , obviously); if with the fast blows it doesn’t work, try the strong blow, that surely works even if you don’t carry a very heavy weapon; already bad strong attack + jump.


By defeating him we will obtain the following:

  • Grafted Blade Greatsword : A legendary Greatsword, it is one of the best in the game and cool because it is a reference to Game of Thrones; but in my opinion it still doesn’t beat the Greatsword of Guts.

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