April 16, 2024


The Hound Fang is an Elden Ring weapon it is a very good weapon for characters going to Dexterity Build. Not for those looking for attack speed above all else, but for those looking for that balance between power and speed, which in that sense is a very decent weapon to keep in mind.

At the end of the day it is a sword. Of course, among the entire range it is a fairly light one within what is possible, especially if we compare it with heavier Greatswords such as the Guts Greatsword . But what has been said, to be a broadsword, nothing bad about speed and what has been said; very good damage for those who go mainly to Dexterity. But that’s not all, in addition to this it also deals bleeding damage, a super complete weapon, come on.

But let’s not get too far ahead, we go with the guide.


These are his stats:

  • Base Damage level 1: 141 physical.
  • Weight: 11.5.
  • Critical: 100.
  • Protections:
    • Physical: 52.
    • Magic 36.
    • Fire: 36.
    • Lightning: 36.
    • Sacred: 36.
    • Stability: 36.
  • Attribute Scaling:
    • Strength 😀
    • Dexterity: c
  • Necessary Attributes:
    • Force 18.
    • Skill 17.
  • Ashes of War: Delicacy of the Hound.

Statistically, the Hound Fang is phenomenal. A good base attack, good scaling in Dexterity and a more regular one in Strength, but it’s not bad that it’s in D because it could be in E and it’s not and well, we’ll scratch some damage there even going mainly for dexterity.

It also has some very basic requirements, so it will be very easy to be able to use it optimally (you know, if you don’t meet the requirements of the weapon, the character will use it clumsily and won’t be able to take advantage of its potential) and we can also get it very quickly (we talk about that below).

Regarding the weight, it is a Greatsword and therefore it weighs a lot, but it is not so high at least if we compare it with the thicker and cruder Greatswords like the aforementioned Guts Greatsword. In fact, it would even weigh a little more than the Oathsworn Greatsword (which we could say is the most basic Greatsword). Regarding defensive attributes , it is not bad, but it does not stand out too much either.

And to finish, clarify that it is a weapon that has its own Ash of War ( Delicacy of the Hound ) and therefore we will not be able to apply ours to it. It is a powerful slash with which we will move backwards (which is super useful) and if we immediately attack, we will make a slash moving forwards, which is also very good, really.

If you are looking for a similar but lighter weapon (less powerful, but also faster), I recommend the Uchigatana ; and if you want a very very fast and powerful weapon, you have the Reduvia . I like this one better, but many want to have very fast weapons, and I understand it, the truth is that they are phenomenal (although I usually go with Greatswords). The Scythe is also an interesting option (and scythes are cool).


Locating the Hound Fang will be very simple, getting it is another story. Basically we will have to defeat its bearer, which is the Hound Knight Darriwil , an enemy that although it is true that we can find him practically in our first hour of play, it is also quite complicated and therefore it would be advisable to leave it for when you have advanced a little more (more around level 30, to give an orientation).

If you want to know how to find this boss and the best way to defeat him, hit the link above on his behalf, which will take you to his guide. I will not delve much more into the location of the boss because after all it is already done in his guide and that is what it is for.

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