April 16, 2024


The Hound Knight Darriwil is a boss of the Elden Ring and it must be said that he is quite a sucker, he had to say it. The truth is that he is a boss that knocked me down a few times when I met him, but I came back later a little more sucked with my Greatsword of Guts and then the tables turned.

In fact, it’s the first piece of advice I’ll give you about the boss. He has very fast attacks, he teleports towards us, he does not let us breathe when he goes on the offensive and he also applies bleeding; the boss as cloth has cloth, his weakness is that his life is not too high and he shows when you come back after a few hours already a little better equipped because he will fall quickly (especially if you have good damage and stability).

In any case, I will make a detailed guide for you as always, ok, let’s go there.


Forsaken Hound Eternal Prison

Very easy to find, it is south of Necrolimbo, specifically south of Agheel ‘s Pond  (the nearby bonfire is actually called that). In fact, although you have it marked on the map with the peephole and so on, the area is marked on the map with a kind of gray circle.

This circle will be used to mark more bosses, who like the Hound Knight Darriwil ( Knight of the Crucible is another, for example), are imprisoned in these peculiar areas. To go to the boss you interact in the center of the circle and that’s it.


As already mentioned, this boss has powerful and fast attacks that tend to warp and that for obvious reasons are very dangerous and we will have to be very careful with them.

The key to defeating this boss (if you go melee, at a distance, then you move away and hit him with your Spells , Enchantments or whatever) is in the following points:

  • Have very good damage : As I have already mentioned, the Hound Knight Darriwil has quite a low health. He is still a boss and therefore has enough, but in terms of boss it is not too much and a good hit is very noticeable. The logic is simple, it hits too much and therefore we want the combat to be short or it will lynch us.
  • Have good stability : His attacks are powerful and fast (one hit doesn’t do as much damage, but as he starts to hit us with his combos, then you’ll say goodbye), if he hooks us well, he deletes us; The thing is that his attacks don’t lower stability much (he doesn’t stun you when he hits you) and therefore a strategy that we can use is to tank a hit, give him one back (between what he gives it to you, you give it to him, since it will not stun you, the attack will be effective) and then you can retreat and heal if necessary.

Another strategy that works very well is to use the strong jump attack when he gets close to us, it is difficult to catch the timing because it is a bit random (if he stops, if he teleports, if he suddenly dives), but Can be done. We’ll do a lot of damage to him and it’s one of the safest ways we have to hit him.

In order to protect ourselves, we must mention the bleeding bar , which is another damn point of this boss. His attacks apply it, the red bar at the bottom of the screen will fill up, and if it reaches the maximum, it’s like “exploding in blood” and we’ll take a lot of damage. As the hemorrhage hits you, you will most likely die. If you have something that increases your bleed resistance, you know.

And finally, the shield is quite viable here since its attacks are not very forceful, but you will not be able to tank it easily unless you have a very heavy shield. The idea is that you block a hit or two at most and walk away. Of course, try to dodge him as well, but it’s very difficult given his attack spamming speed and high mobility.

The truth is that this boss reminds me a lot of Cemetery Shadow , although I must say that Darriwil cost me a lot more.


By defeating him we will obtain the following:

  • Hound Fang : A very good weapon. It is a very interesting curved Greatsword and highly recommended for Dexterity builds.

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