April 21, 2024


Royal Guard Loretta is a boss of the Elden Ring that is a modified and improved version of the already mythical Wild Sentinel that gave us a few problems at the beginning of our adventure. It is specifically a version of the same but also has an arsenal of magical attacks, which complicates things quite a bit.

Although it is true that this version is more annoying and powerful, it is also true that it is not the same because in this part of the game we are already more advanced and therefore your character should also be much more powerful, something that makes things much easier . In my opinion, it is very far from what Wild Sentinel meant at the beginning of the game (we were almost at zero) in terms of difficulty; and as above you will already know a little about his patterns, because it is another thing that also helps in the face of the battle of Royal Guard Loretta.

Which I suppose you may have noticed, but in fact in his combat the same epic song is played that was played in the combat against the Agreste Sentinel. But hey… let’s get to the point.


Caria Mansion in Elden Ring

We will find Royal Guard Loretta in the Caria Mansion , a castle (a mansion, but you know what I mean) that we will locate in the northwest of Liurnia, north of the Rennala Academy . The grace where it will appear is in Royal Lunar Patio-observatory, which is just the one that we unlock by defeating him.

Getting there is not much of a mystery, it is to go to the mansion in question and advance through the area, you will end up reaching the boss (more or less at the end of the route, yes). You can use the photo above as a guide, but come on, you thoroughly investigate the mansion and you will end up finding it no matter what.


You will have to apply the same strategy that you applied with the Agreste Sentinel since in the end it is more or less the same, only some magical attacks are added and luckily for us it does not have that great annoying shield that gave us so many problems in his day (he has one, but a small one); something good had to have.

Of course, if you are one of those who killed the Agreste Sentinel on horseback… here you will have a problem because you will not be able to use it against Royal Guard Loretta. The case, as usual, you dodge / block physical attacks and between attacks you take the opportunity to attack quickly to return to the defensive as soon as possible if you do not want to receive a hit back. Let’s focus on the new, his Spells From him:

  • Magic Projectile : A magic projectile will start spamming us that deals light damage. He usually does it if we are far from him (the ideal is to be at a short-medium distance) and for him to stop you will have to get closer while you are dodging the projectiles.
  • «Las Espaditas» : He will put on the typical little swords that levitate around him, these will launch towards us automatically when we are more or less close to Loretta and you have to be very careful with this because although it does not delete (it does damage, but It’s not crazy either; if it only hits you, you hardly even notice it, but if you eat them all, beware), it will leave you stunned for a moment and if Loretta takes the opportunity to hit you there, you will surely end up underground.
  • Loretta’s Bow : She will summon a magical bow and launch a tremendous and fast projectile at us. Dodge it because this does delete as you eat it, it’s easy to do it because it takes a long time to charge the attack.
  • Cariano Slash : Some pretty powerful physical blows imbued in magic. If you block with the shield here you will still take some magic damage.

When his life is around 50% he will start spamming Spells a lot and the truth is that it becomes quite complicated to attack him. In this battle I recommend that you go patiently and little by little, dodging everything as best you can and only attacking when there is a clear gap; don’t go sack


This is the reward that we will get by defeating Royal Guard Loretta:

  • Loretta’s Big Bow : A Spell with which we will invoke a bow to launch a magical projectile just like Loretta’s Royal Guard does in her combat.
  • Ashes of War: Loretta’s Cut .
  • It is not a reward from the boss as such but I want to comment on it, by defeating him we can access the area where Ranni is , by talking to her we can continue with her questline, which is quite relevant.

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