April 15, 2024


That moment when you are walking around Agheel’s Pond in Elden Ring calmly and thinking… well, this area is pretty empty, isn’t it? so that a huge gray dragon suddenly appears and immediately afterwards… it will depend on the type of person you are: 1- You go out whistling. 2- You face him to the death. I left hurriedly and decided to come back later more calmly, what did you do?

The Flying Dragon Agheel is… very intimidating because after all it is a dragon and it is true that if you are not careful it will give you a good beating, but you will see how following this guide will make it easy for you; In addition, it will also help you a bit to polish your horse skills (that goat horse, whatever it is, is called Torrentera), because it will be essential in this battle.

Oh, and for the veterans of the saga, you can’t cut off its tail, too bad. Ale, let’s go with the guide.


Necrolimbo Mine in Elden Ring

I am going to borrow the photo of the Necrolimbo Mine ( Troll Excavapiedra boss area ) because it will also be useful for this post. Agheel is found in Agheel’s Pond (this dragon even has properties), which is that “lake”-like area south of the Necrolimbo Mine, in fact that bonfire is the best area to go to the dragon, from there you go to the south and that is your zone.

Keep in mind that the first time you go through there, the dragon as such will not be there, it will appear as a surprise, very Miyazaki-like, this surprise and unfriendly dragon appears. Once you have seen it, it will always be in the visible area.


We are going to use the horse because without it we will be completely lost. This dragon has attacks with an absurd range and without the enormous mobility that our horse gives us, we will be lost.

In short, the idea is that when one of his attacks ends (except when he flies, there you wait for him to come down and such, while you dodge him) you approach with the horse, land a blow or two (those you hit between which you move) and run away to avoid eating a return attack.

The best areas to hit him are “hands” and “feet” (actually they are 4 legs, but you understand me, let’s not get super technical here). When his “hands” are on the ground, it is the best place to hit him, and by the way you can take advantage and hit him on the feet; Don’t stress too much about it either, you get close to it, hit it where you can and get the hell out of it (but I insist that those areas are the most practical), forget your head, it’s a bug that throws fire and you don’t want it to throw it in your face.

Let’s look at some of his most dangerous attacks, but you follow this strategy. Let’s start with ground attacks:

  • Girocola : He does it when you are attached to him for a while. He does like a 360 flip with his tail hitting. He does a lot of pupa and the scope is absurd. But how will you follow the advice to hit and run, he won’t do it to you or if he does, you’ll be far away at least.
  • Stomp : Typical stomp, but what I said, if you do the “I’ll wait for you to finish attacking, take a wad and I’ll go” it won’t affect you.
  • Flamethrower : It will launch a tremendous flame forward (through the mouth, where else), its thing is that you dodge the fire while you approach it to end up giving it a thrashing or two at most in “the hand” or wing and you know, you go whistling .

Now let’s see the important ones when flying:

  • Flamethrower but flying : Well, the same thing, but as it is flying it gets a bit complicated; you nothing, to run with your horse like crazy and watch out that the fire stays burning for a while in the area that falls and your horse doesn’t like stepping on the fire very much precisely.
  • Rathalos style dive attack : The worst without a doubt because as it catches you it deletes you. Surely you already know what you have to do, in fact, run a lot; In fact, if we keep the strategy of “running for the sack” in the flight phase, things will go quite well. Basically it will dive towards us and as it hits us it will destroy us.

Summarizing: On the ground I wait for you to finish your attack, I come running, I hit you and I leave. In air I just run until you get tired and go back to the ground. And so on until I die.

The ideal is that you attack him with the strong attack (R2), this attack you can keep pressed to prepare your weapon and when you release it you will hit (and when you prepare the weapon you also give a blow if you hit him, it comes in handy), so the idea is that when you run to hit him you keep it pressed, release it when you reach the leg and then you run away. Be very careful with the stamina, it seems that on horseback you don’t get tired but if you are attacking yes and it shows a lot, give yourself a break from time to time, that without stamina or hits and the truth is that it makes you angry when it happens.

Oh, and let me not forget, because with punches there will come a point where you might stun him, at which point you need to run off your goat horse, get in his face, hit R1, and after that enjoy at the expense of the suffering of others (the truth is that he deserved it).


By defeating him we will obtain the following:

  • Dragon Heart : An item that we can deliver to the Church of Dragonborn Communion to obtain Dragon-style magic Enchantments .

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