April 14, 2024


The Cryomancer  (Celus Zend, Winter Afflicted) is one of the mage bosses that we will find in  Salt and Sacrifice and the truth is that this one is quite annoying, although I must also say that he has a bit of a trick and defeating him becomes more bearable when you know (I’ll tell you below).

It spams a lot of ice things on the screen that bother us a lot (especially with regard to our mobility, which in the end is something crucial) because there will be a few obstacles to dodge and also the application of cold is horrible, in my opinion worse than the burn. In general terms, it has seemed more complicated than the Pyromancer, but it is not a crazy boss in terms of difficulty; but nothing, the case, let’s go with the guide.


  • It is resistant to ice.

You know, just like the other magicians we will have to chase him until he gets tired and stays fixed in his combat zone, which is where we can defeat him; this the first time you defeat them, from the second you will have to chase them all the time. Otherwise, let’s move on.


His attacks will apply cold to us, an altered state very similar to the burn that we already saw in the Pyromancer but in my opinion something worse because although it does not do as much damage per tick… it stays with us longer and more stealthily given the little damage it does, which makes you trust yourself and as it accumulates more than necessary, there you will see the stars; so my advice is don’t get overconfident because it causes little damage, be very careful.


The case, let’s see his attacks and below I’ll tell you the trick to make it more bearable:

  • Ice Balls: It will leave some extremely annoying ice balls on the field because if we touch them they will explode, they will cause us damage and they will apply cold to us. The worst thing is that he leaves them lying around and they will make our mobility very difficult and that is something that is very frustrating. You will have to dodge them, without further ado, and be very careful.
  • Rain of Icicles : The Cryomancer will summon a kind of ice ball that will remain at the top of the screen and will shoot down some ice icicles while moving slowly; thus creating a kind of “barrier” that to cross safely we will have to do the dash. Again another attack that makes mobility difficult for us, which is the most annoying thing about this boss. This attack also has a fairly long duration, or at least it seems eternal to me.
  • Icicle Throw : He will throw a series of icicles with his hand forward that you will have to dodge, he doesn’t do it very often.
  • Sword : In this case, he will first make a charge forward and then that is when he will give the sword. Without a doubt, this is the best time to dodge him to go through him, but be careful because sometimes he will turn and do a couple more sword swings. After this you pass him again and take the opportunity to give him a couple of blows and go back.

And now we’re going with the trick, you’ll see… since this boss limits our mobility a lot and usually launching towards him translates into taking damage (this assuming that you go melee, if you go from a distance you attack him from a distance and that’s it ), the best thing to do is wait for him to get close (which is usually with his Sword Slash attack) so you don’t take as much damage. Between him approaching you can take the opportunity to attack him from a distance with your throwing weapon, the bow or whatever you have. As soon as he gets close, you beat him up, move away again, tap him from a distance until he lunges at you, and so on; You will see how in this way you eat much less damage.

For the rest, be very careful with the cold, throw a potion if you see that your life is already going down to dangerous levels.


These are the objects that we can obtain for defeating him and absorbing his power:

  • Cold Vein.
  • Blue Finger.
  • Cold Lung.
  • Frozen Heart.
  • Pyritefrost.

Objects with which we can create ice weapons, ice resistant armor and other quite interesting accessories.

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