April 16, 2024


The Pyromancer  (Arzhan-Tin) is the first type of mage I’ve faced in Salt and Sacrifice and probably the first one you’ll face, but he doesn’t really have to, the idea is to bring you all anyway.

Going into my opinion and so on, the truth is that I found him to be a rather dangerous boss but not too complicated either, although I also imagine that since they have to appear more, it will make things more difficult.


As with the other magicians, we will have to find him and chase him (we can attack him for a while, he will go away and we will have to go after him and so on until he stays still), when we reach the final combat zone it will be when we can really kill him quietly, although it’s a pain because the combat area is a bit small and the “walls” (fake walls, you know, it’s like a fog) are quite annoying.


His attacks are quite annoying because if they hit us, no matter how little, they will apply a burn to us that for a short period of time will drain our life (it will last longer if it is applied to us more times, it accumulates). We can do little more about it than take a good potion when this happens if our life is reaching dangerous stages and of course be careful since if we are burned, as well as if we eat a blow in that state, we will be in serious danger.


The case, let’s see their attacks:

  • Gyroball of Fire : It will launch a kind of fireball that will move slowly forward with 4 other balls that will orbit around the central one. His thing is to “pass the attack” through the dash, but you will have to be precise to avoid taking damage.
  • flamethrower: The Pyromancer will emit a jet of fire from his hand while moving his arm to change the path of the flame. It’s a pretty annoying attack, it’s best to get on his back so that the jet of flame can’t hit you (it’ll be hitting the other side) and take the opportunity to hit him a couple of times and retreat just in case. This, of course, assuming that he catches you close to him since otherwise in order not to eat the entire attack you will have to dodge but backwards to get away and avoid as much damage as possible, but it is easy for you to eat a tap if you are forced to dodge back due to the high range of this attack. Of course, be careful because sometimes he does this attack starting on one side and ending on the other, so if he just does this version, putting you on his back won’t work;
  • Walls of Fire : Some illuminated areas will appear on the ground from which you will have to run away since walls of fire will emerge from there, they do not take too long to surface so hurry up.
  • Espadazo : He will make a couple of slashes with his sword, very easy to dodge, just keep in mind that he gives a blow and then another. As always, if we are close we dodge to get on his back and hit him, and if we are far away we better dodge backwards so that he cannot hit us (which does not have a bad range even if it is a melee attack).

The truth is that his kit is not overly complex, although it is true that his fire attacks are quite annoying.


These are the objects that we can obtain for defeating him and absorbing his power:

  • Smudged Nail.
  • Jelly Sack.
  • Ashy Lung.
  • Burning Heart.
  • Piritalava.

They are objects with which we will be able to create firearms (it is very worthwhile for you to make one), objects that increase our fire damage (ideal for those weapons), others that reduce the fire damage that we receive (which is great because we we will face several Pyromancers)… that kind of thing.

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