April 16, 2024


The Ancestral Spirit is an Elden Ring boss whose unlocking requirements are higher than usual, at least compared to most bosses. I think we could even categorize it as a secret boss.

The boss as such is not that it is particularly difficult, especially if you know the correct way to deal with it, which of course I will comment on below. It is more complicated to unlock it than the battle itself; something that we will also talk about in this post.

Also, your reward is well worth it, but I sooile the post more, let’s get down to business.


We talked about the Siofra River before in the Draconian Soldier post  (there I explain how to get to this area), in this same area we will also have the fight against Ancestral Spirit (not exactly because we will go to another dimension or something like that, but come on, that combat as such is unlocked in the Siofra River).

The boss as such, or rather, what remains of him, will be found in those ruins that appear marked to the south of the map above. We will find the carcass of a large deer there, but nothing will happen at first. If you look at the stairs that we climb to get to the deer, there are some torches, some will be lit and some will not .

These torches are lit by fanning the flames of those pillars with which we can interact that we will find throughout this area, in fact, it is most likely that you have a torch already lit because on the way to the first bonfire you already find some nearby. There are 8 in total scattered around the map, they are not too hidden, if you investigate the entire map thoroughly you will find them.

When you have all 8 you return to the deer and that is when you can interact with him; you will appear in a new very strange area, where you will not have to face enemies or do anything; just get into the mist and start this battle.


The Ancestral Spirit is the typical big and powerful boss but it’s not really too complicated (as happened with the Guardian Golem , for example), at least if you adopt a defensive and conservative methodology (which is its thing in souls, go to bag is usually not a good idea).

I recommend that you always maintain a defensive stance (shield up, dodge and circle around at a safe distance) and only attack when exposed. Now I tell you better with his most relevant attacks:

  • Jumping Voy : Attack in which he will start “jumping in the air” (you will understand when you see him) and will end up diving towards us. Moment in which we must dodge and then jump + strong attack (or whatever you have, it depends on your character, you know what I mean). After this I recommend that you stay on its hind legs and try to give it a few more hits, but watch out for the next attack.
  • Kick : A kick that will try to hit us when we are behind him and that hits quite hard. Be very careful when you are behind him to block/dodge him.
  • Icy Breath : I’m not sure if it’s a breath of ice or blue flames, whatever, but it will throw it at us sometimes in the air and sometimes on the ground; You will always have to avoid being in the areas where it hits.

Otherwise he will have charge attacks, horns and others. His thing is what was said, keep calm and distance; if at any time you see it feasible to get on his hind legs to hit him, you know.


By defeating him we will obtain the following:

  • Ancestral Worshiper’s Ashes : A very interesting and worthwhile Summoning Ash , one of the best in the game.

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