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Xero is the first Dream Warrior of Hollow Knight that we will face since we will have the battle with him right after obtaining the Dream Sting from the Seer.

The Dream Warriors are ancient legendary Warriors of which only a memory remains right now. The good thing is that thanks to the Dream Sting we can have a duel against them and if we defeat them we will obtain Essence , a collectible that will provide us with good rewards and that is very necessary, since if you want to face the real Final Boss , you will have to collect enough Essence to unlock the full potential of the Dream Nail.


Lingering dream of a fallen warrior. Executed for crimes against the king.

A life defined by tragedy and triumph. A death clouded by sorrow and remorse. A spirit haunted by sins and memories. Better to wander the world than be cursed with glory.

– Xero


You can find Xero’s tomb in Tierra de Reposo , in the image you have the exact location on the map .

Xero Localization

The first time you go you will have to access from the great precipice of Cumbre de Cristal that you can see in the photo. And by the way, to face Xero (once you’ve jumped off the cliff) head to the right, that way is where you’ll get the Dream Stinger, which is what you need to face the Dream Warriors.


Xero is a boss who will be able to test our abilities and the truth is that it can be somewhat complicated. It’s not that it’s difficult, but it appears at a point where you probably don’t have your Knight very advanced and where you most likely don’t have the Hollow Knight mechanics fully understood yet.

Right now (I’ve already passed almost everything) it seems very easy to me, but I remember that the first time I faced him he resisted me a bit.


Xero has a single attack that he will perform constantly, so the key to getting through the fight is mastering it perfectly:

  • Stinger of Light : Xero will have around him levitating some stingers of light. This will constantly launch them against us, after traveling a certain distance the stinger will stop dead and immediately return to its owner. You have to be very careful with this, you have to be careful both to dodge the way out and the way back.


  • Phase 1 : Xero will start with only 2 stingers around him, so he will attack somewhat quickly but with a certain pause so that we can recover.
  • Phase 2 : After dealing a certain amount of damage, he will get 2 more stingers, for which he will have 4 stingers , making the fight much more difficult. During this phase the attacks will be very constant, so it will be much more difficult to heal without taking a hit, but not impossible. Try to concentrate and try to avoid his attacks, if you risk too much to try to damage him, you will surely end up dead.


At this point in the game you probably don’t have too many Charms, but I’ll recommend a few that you most likely do have:

  • Larva Song : To generate soul when we take damage.
  • Fast Concentration : You will heal faster.
  • Deep Concentration : You will heal slower but it will be two health masks . Together with Rapid Concentration it is very effective.
  • Oneiric Shield : It is obtained in Resting Lands and is one of the Amulets that I always use the most.
  • Mark of Pride : Having more range with your stinger will help you hit Xero, who is constantly on the move, more easily.
  • Long Stinger : Same as Mark of Pride but to a lesser extent, both can be equipped to further increase range.

And if you want to know how to get All the Amulets , I leave you a guide linked in this same paragraph.


A few more tips to make combat a little easier.

  • To heal you can go to the lower floor. If you go to the right or left side a little past the limit of the second floor you can calmly heal yourself when Xero is wandering on the opposite side.
  • I don’t think you have the Howling Wraith Spell unlocked at this point , and even less the Abyss Screech, but if you did, they come in handy if you have plenty of Soul.


This is what you get for defeating Xero:

  • 100 Essence.
  • Entry in the Hunter’s Journal.

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