April 15, 2024


Mawlek Incubator is one of Hollow Knight ‘s hidden and actually more annoying bosses despite not having much health. This is mainly due to his annoying infect ball attacks and his claw attack that prevents us from approaching him safely.

It is not that it is an extremely complicated boss, but of course in terms of heavy it is one of the best. Anyway, I think this guide is going to help you enormously to finish him off easily, since by following a certain strategy and taking certain Amulets, things become much more accessible.


A fierce creature, yet extremely social. She becomes aggressive when she can’t relate to her kind.

I hear this beast scream at times as I prowl the caverns, though I have never laid eyes on it. Who or what are you calling? As far as I know, her bellows never get answered.

Now that you’ve read this, take a look at this photo:

Dead Mawleks in Hollow Knight's Forgotten Crossings

We can find this in the area prior to where we fight with Mawlek Incubator. I think this completely clarifies the reason why he is calling someone, everything points to the fact that he is calling his companions… and if he does not get an answer from them, it is because there are none left alive.

It seems that lots of them used to live here, why they are dead is a mystery, but maybe it could be due to the infection of Radiance . In fact, we did not even find common Mawleks (the little ones) in the area.


Incubator Mawlek can be found in Forgotten Crossings and also in the Fool’s Trial in the Colosseum. For more information regarding the coliseum I recommend that you access its post on this blog, as for the location of Cruces Olvidados on the map , I leave it here below.

Location of Mawlek Incubator in Hollow Knight's Forgotten Crossings

It is not a boss meant to face him at the beginning of your game. It is better to leave it for when you are much more advanced.


While Mawlek Incubator is a very annoying Hollow Knight boss, you’ll see how these tips make things easier.


These are his attacks:

  • Spit Infection : Mawlek Incubator will be practically constantly launching infected spit that obviously makes a pupita, you will have to be very attentive to these to dodge them. This is your top priority.
  • Claw Strike : Similarly, the boss will be constantly striking with his claw pointing in the direction of our Knight. These have quite a range, which makes it quite difficult to hit him without taking damage, you will have to be very careful.
  • Jump : From time to time he will jump, hit a very high jump, take the opportunity to sneak in with a Dash so that he does not fall on you while you are careful of possible spitting.
  • Ultimate Spit : You will see Mawlek Incubator prepare an attack and throw a bunch of spit normally targeting the area where the Knight is. The spit covers a wide area, so you’ll need to quickly get to a safe area (beware of the boss, who will continue to harass you) between them going down.


These amulets will help you tremendously in this battle:

  • Mark of Pride : Increasing the range of the stinger will help make it easier to hit without taking a claw hit. It can also be combined with a long stinger to make it even more effective, but perhaps the investment of notches is too much , with the mark already stripped.
  • Dream Shield : Without a doubt one of the best Amulets in Hollow Knight and it comes especially well against Incubator Mawlek, you don’t know the spit you can passively block with the shield.
  • Unbreakable or Fragile Force : If you have the unbreakable you see with him, that more damage falls before and it shows cloth. If you have the brittle… almost better not, because having to repair it if you die is a pain, but obviously it can make the difference between victory and defeat.


And to finish with the Mawlek Incubator guide, a series of tips that I think can come in handy.

  • Healing is going to be difficult, although not impossible, however keep in mind that it will be rare to heal without taking at least one point of damage. With the Dream Shield it becomes a lot more viable anyway.
  • The Desolating Leap Spell or its improved version “Descending Darkness” come in handy in this fight and it seems to me to be a better investment of soul than trying to heal yourself. We will deal good damage to the boss and the temporary immunity during the attack can also come in handy.
  • You must have an aggressive attitude as well as a defensive one, your highest priority is to avoid spitting and attack him carefully (with the stinger vein) to avoid the claw blow. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to focus on finishing him off quickly, luckily he has a lot of health and it’s one of those fights in which he doesn’t suit, but nothing, that the thing drags on, that the guy is very heavy and it’s easy to die if we don’t kill it fast.
  • Having the Shadow Cloak ability helps a lot, being able to dash with immunity will make it a lot easier to dodge infected spittle or Incubator Mawlek himself when he jumps. It will also allow us to transfer him to change sides, you have to hurry a lot and it’s risky, but you can.


This is what we will get when we defeat him:

  • Mask Fragment : Only after his defeat at Forgotten Crossings.
  • His entry in the Hunter’s Journal : By defeating him in any place, coliseum or Forgotten Crossings.

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