April 15, 2024


Elder Hu is one of the seven Dream Warriors in Hollow Knight and is without a doubt a very tough boss due to his constant attacks based on annoying pillars that will make life impossible for us.

In fact, it’s curious since this boss changes radically in difficulty, becoming incredibly easier if you have the Shadow Dash Skill , an ability that you will doubtlessly have when you face him… But anyway, I guess it’s good to know in case you’re already more advanced and you still have the fight against Elder Hu pending.


Lingering dream of a fallen warrior. He traveled the world caring for those stricken with the plague.

Never forget what was once lost, but don’t let it tie you down either.

– Elder Hu

Well, it seems that he was a very nice warrior in his day, right? Dedicating your life to the welfare of others is something very noble and honorable. We have a bit of everything in the Dream Warriors .


We can find Elder Hu in Fungal Wastes , in the image you have the exact location on the map. There is no roadblock or anything special, there is no mystery.

Elder Hu Location


Elder Hu is probably the most difficult of all the dream warriors , as long as you don’t have Shadow Dash, of course. If so, the boss will be easy.

I hope that with this brief guide the combat will be more bearable. He really is a boss who drives me crazy… badly, you know you can leave it for later. But hey, ideal for lovers of challenges.


It only has two attacks, although both are a real nuisance. Sendos are based on launching columns from the top of the screen to the ground.

  • Multiple Columns at Once : The old man will launch several columns at once randomly and as the combat progresses it seems that he will do so with more and more bad grapes. We must try to be very attentive to put ourselves in the gaps that we see quickly.
  • Consecutive Columns : Columns will begin to fall to our right and left at the same time at a certain distance and they will fall closer and closer until they reach us. The key is to let them get closer, in the end there will only be a single column that will fall on us, if just before it falls we do a dash, we will dodge the attack. It’s a bit hard to get the point, but you’ll end up getting it.


  • If you have the Shadow Dash (obtained in the second fight against Hornet ) it will be very easy. You’ll just have to do a day (doesn’t matter where) before he’s going to hit you with “Multiple Columns at Once” or go through his “Consecutive Columns” to be safe, a perfect time to calmly heal up.
  • If you intend to defeat him without the upgraded version of the Dash, I recommend that you at least go with your heavily upgraded Knight, otherwise it will be horrendous. Keep in mind that stinger buffs don’t go as far on Dream Warriors, as they will gain more health the better your stinger is.
  • Amulets that improve healing are highly recommended, especially those that speed up the healing process. With the Shadow Dash it will not be necessary since healing will not be a problem at all.
  • To heal (without Shadow Dash) it is advisable to go to the ends of the screen, since on many occasions columns will not fall there. It is one of the few safe areas to heal that there is, and even so it is not entirely.
  • Since it is quite difficult to hit him because he levitates, moves a lot, teleports… (since we already have enough to dodge 8000 columns) It is recommended to use the «Mark of Pride» amulet or, failing that, «Longsting» due to which increases the range of the sword and will make it much easier to hit him.


This is all you will get after defeating Elder Hu:

  • 100 Essence.
  • 1 Hunter’s Journal entry.

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