April 21, 2024
Disney Dreamlight Valley: how to remove tree stumps

Disney Dreamlight Valley: how to remove tree stumps

In our Disney Dreamlight Valley tree stumps guide, you’ll learn:

  • How to remove the tree stumps
  • Which areas you have to unlock for this
  • What quests do you have to do?
  • How to improve your shovel

Remove tree stumps – how it works

In order to remove the stumps in Disney Dreamlight, you need an upgrade for your shovel . You get it through a quest from Anna. We’ll guide you through all the necessary steps.

Unlock Territory & Kingdom

First you need to unlock the Forest of Valor area in the east for 3,000 Dreamlight as well as the Kingdom of Ice Queen for 4,000 Dreamlight. You can reach the latter in the dream castle via the middle portal on the second level.

Recruit Anna

If you have unlocked the kingdom “Frozen – Completely Unabashed”, you will receive the quest “The Spirits of Nature” . Follow the individual steps until you meet Elsa. From her you get the task “Chasing the Wind”, which you also do.

Once you have completed the two tasks, you will finally receive the quest “Welcome Anna” , which allows you to invite Anna to Dreamlight Valley.

Increase friendship level with Anna

Once Anna arrives in the village, you need to level 2 your friendship with her. To do this, talk to her once and give her some flowers or dishes.

Complete quest “A Frozen Invitation” & upgrade shovel

Namely, friendship level 2 with Anna is the requirement for the quest “A Frozen Invitation” . You can find the book you are looking for for the task in Anna’s house in the Forest of Valor (see screenshots).

After that , you need to collect or craft the following materials to upgrade your shovel:

  • 10x Softwood – can be found in all areas except the beach
  • 4x Hardwood – Hardwood guide with all Hardwood locations
  • 4x Iron Ingots – Iron Guide with all Iron locations
  • 3x parts for crafting – you craft one part using two iron ingots

If you have everything together, you can produce the new shovel blade at a workbench and use it to upgrade your shovel in your inventory. Now you can finally remove the big tree stumps in the game world with the shovel.

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